This year 2021 Valentine is fallen on day 3 of the Chinese New Year. It's fall on Sunday and it's the best day to celebrate this love celebration with your loved ones. For the first 2 days of Chinese New Year, I didn't head out as well and only went out on day 3 of CNY due to Valentine's celebration. Since MCO 2.0 start all the restaurant has been close, and it's open back just before CNY, thanks to my husband he manages to book a nice place for this Valentine's celebration.

Start this outfit post with the photos of me and my husband! Thanks for being so patient and loving me for 9 years, can't wait for more celebration with you. I love how you always think of me and plan so many surprises to make me happy and feeling super loved by you.

Yeah, I did plan for a valentine's outfit for myself, although with MCO that we are unable to dine in or shop in the mall but well I think is a nice day or excuse for me to get a new outfit hahaha! My plan is to find some pretty floral dress to wear. So I have been browsing through some local online boutique and ended up buying this blue floral dress from

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Loving the blue scarf as well. At first, I would want to tie it as a braid but since my hair is not long enough hence I just tie it as a normal scarf headband. And omg I really like it, since this scarf is very long after you tie, it has this long remaining ribbon that is very feminine and pretty. Even though the print is those normal line casual print and my dress is floral feminine, but the color is so matching and because the headscarf is super long, I like that how it ended and presented.

I don't have any color in mind when I'm looking for a floral dress, at first I am quite tempted by purple floral but then thinking I have a lot of purple dresses hence I decide to go for other colors. I feel that this dress blue color is very pretty and dreamy too. The floral print is not too over or old looking, the entire design is very modern and young.

The top part is a bit loose on the neckline, previously when I purchase any M-size top from their shop, the neckline part is always looking loose on me. For this dress, the top part is loose as well, but not as bad as the previous top I purchase. They have a cute puff sleeve and ruffle on the bottom of the dress. 

The material and design of the dress are definitely my favorite and a very comfortable dress to wear. It has a back zip to wear, so it is easy to wear. Most important of all, it comes in pocket design as well. Although I did not use the pocket function of this dress, I like that it is very convenient.

I really love this blue dress and how I wear it for this special occasion. The food at Wet Deck is considered normal and the price is pretty affordable. Since we didn't order any alcoholic drinks, but only try their food and juice drink. Most of the guest would prefer to sit outside for the view, but we just sit inside and I feel is good enough for me because we can just head out for photos with KLCC.

Outfit Details

Dress |
Bag | Tory Burch
Headscarves | Taobao
Heels | Taobao

Check out my youtube video of my CNY outfits!

WET® Deck
W Kuala Lumpur - 121, Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur 

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