Overdue updating my blog once again, really busy catching up on work, and taking up 3 roles at a time is kinda challenging and stressful. I also encounter emotional breakdowns due to putting too much pressure on myself. Somehow I need to adjust my mindset in dealing with stuff at work and get back stronger in handling all the work-related matters again.

I hope I can continue to pursue my interests such as blogging, sharing outfit of the day (OOTD) posts, and showcasing beautiful places on my social media accounts.

My favorite all-time purple set outfit 😍

This outfit is a 3-piece set that I bought from the Thailand Daigou shop. This set is super comfy and casual to wear. I always wanted to find this kind of casual purple set outfit to wear. This outfit is such a brainless fit and you can just grab and go 😂

Purple is my all-time favorite color to wear! I even wear matching bags and shoes to complete this whole purple look. I like how this whole look color looks so comfortable and harmonious together. All the light pastel tone fit 💟

This cafe is so quiet and the ambiance is really comfortable to be in. When the time we went, is raining hence the cafe does not have a lot of crowds and we can take as much of photos as we want.

My favorite corner of the cafe!! Outside the window of the cafe are the trees and chill housing area, I would just sit here enjoying the food and view the whole day. Super calm and relaxed!

Loving this bright yellow street sign in front of the cafe too! I saw a lot of people here taking photos with this street sign too. 

My favorite pastel purple cos bag and my lilac Nike low dunk complete this purple fit too! Both are my favorite purple accessories to match any of my soft purple outfits. They are also very comfy to wear and bring out too.

The food here is so good! and I love the area we choose super cozy and home feel when we just sit on the floor and enjoy the food here 😗 When we are here it rains too, and the sukiyaki pot is so perfect for the cold raining weather.

All the cozy corners of the cafe 😍 I wish to visit back this cafe again when I finish this blog today. I really miss the food and cozy corner that I used to enjoy when my last visit here.

Outfit Details
3-piece set | GetthelookbyEmma Thai Daigou
Bag | COS Store
Nike | Novelship

Hello Summer 夏日即化
276, Jln Cheras, Maluri, 
56100 Kuala Lumpur


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