Throwback my birthday post at rêver Restaurant. Rêver Restaurant is a Modern French Restaurant located at Jalan Kuching. Around the area there's a lot of lighting deco for you to take pictures with. However during the day we visit, there raining like cats and dogs where we couldn't take pictures with all the beauty deco. 

At Rêver Restaurant they do not offer spacious dining area,  but I love how it was more to cozy and quiet dining experience here.

Interior of the place is super elegant and classy.  The theme color is mostly in black and white. I love it cleans and neat design of the overall seating. 

Rêver Signature Spaghetti RM 26

My hubby order spaghetti as usual. Not too dry or salty. I love it was able to give the right taste and appetizing enough to enjoy this dish alone.

Rib Eye Steak with Black Pepper Sauce RM 43

Every year of my birthday is the steak time for me. I will always order steak and enjoy it to the fullest. Can't deny my love for steak. I love my steak to be cooked to medium rare. 

This steak serving that they serve was really delightfully yummy. The sauce they marinated has been absorbed into the steak. It covers up the beef smell. The flesh is tender and super juicy to nom in. 

This serving comes with mash potatoes and asparagus as well. Mash potatoes are my favorite too.  I enjoy myself a lot the mash potatoes eat it with Black Pepper sauce. 

Been my favorite meal so far. 

Red Diamond Merlot RM 38

How can we end the night without a cup of red wine? Red wine and beef is the perfect combination ever. 

I know that we do not need a special occasion to also enjoy this kind of dining with each other. But it makes each celebration meaningful and important with your loved one. 

Sipping and Enjoying my red wine with my one and only love. My happy look with my favorite beef and red wine.  Not only that there's someone special there with you too. 

We encounter a special setup beside our table. If you need a special romantic setup surprise for your love one, you can call in and make booking at least 1 to 2 months ahead.

Thanks for serving the best dining experience for me! With an affordable price you can also enjoy a simple and romantic fine dining experience at The Rever too. 

I love that our celebration is not too fancy and expensive.  But is the time we spend together and enjoying the moment with each other. 

I haven't try out their dessert and would love to visit back here again. Their desserts looks really pretty and yummy too. 

Thanks my lovely hubby for the surprises and the love for me. 

rêver Restaurant

Modern French Restaurant 
188, Jalan Kuching Taman Tasik Indah, 
Jalan Kuching, Taman Tasik Indah, 
51200 Kuala Lumpur
Weekend - 1pm - 1am
Weekdays - 1pm - 12am


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  1. For something that is 'not fancy or expensive', it sure looks posh! Gorgeous! And happy belated birthday 😘

  2. Impressive restaurant and the foods too! Belated happy birthday!

  3. Looks like a nice restaurant for a date night or anniversary.. might just ask my hubby to bring me there

  4. ah so sweet. havent been to this place. but will go one day

  5. Happy belated birthday. Yes u right the best moment when you celebrate your birthday with your loved one.

  6. Erm.. do they served lamb coz i cannot eat beef :(

  7. Great food. Comfy environment. Love this place.

  8. Such a sweet cafe this is. In fact, it looks bridal and suits a new couple like you.

  9. Happy birthday Sharon! Omg, I love the deco of the place. It makes me feels like super elegance and rich at the same time. haha

  10. This place really nice. Happy belated birthday to you. May you stay pretty.