Although this is such a long overdue post to post, I will make sure I record every birthday memory on my blog. I did feel quite sad because this year we didn't celebrate our wedding anni and 10th-year anni like properly due to some incident, but luckily for my birthday this time I get to celebrate a birthday glamping and also get to get some time off on my birthday. And of course, my birthday theme color will be always purple πŸ’œ

I still remember my friend asking me will my favorite color change one day. It didn't really cross my mind I guess, and till now purple is still my favorite color. I think everyone that is very close to me will think of me when they see the color purple too πŸ˜‚ 

The funniest thing is, I once join a meeting with a commercial team where I meet a new girl there. I think during the meeting for just 1 - 2 hour time, she straight asks me, is my favorite color purple? I was like errr yes, I was like oops that's so obvious of me showing off that I like purple so much haha!

I am wearing my favorite purple color for my birthday as well, a purple dress, a purple bag and also pair of purple heels. For this year's birthday, I purchase a total of 3 birthday headbands to wear. One of them I wear during the glamping trip, and the second I wear now with this outfit. This hairband is very simple but still looks glam with the diamond studs on the Happy Birthday word itself. I like how it is so simple but looks elegant too.

 This dress I did purchase quite some time ago, I think when I see this dress online I immediately think to keep it and wear it during my birthday. The purple color is like a watercolor coloring spot on my dress. I also like the design of the dress because it looks much more slimming but is able to cover my fat belly.

Love the long sleeve of the dress too, with a slight bubble sleeve design but doesn't makes my arm looks fat. The bottom flowy part is also very nice, although I do hope that the waist is more fitting but overall the design and fitting are very comfortable.

This is also the first time I bring this purple Bonia out. When I first saw this purple Bonia bag, I fall in love immediately and decide to bring it back home when I saw the sales on the Bonia site. I do feel that Bonia's bag design has improved so much that I keep wanting to buy more each time I see the new design of their bag. Do you know also the print of the bag is BONIA as well, I didn't notice after I see other people posted on IG.

I wanted to come here when this Sky-Dome Hotpot opened. I didn't know that my husband was able to book this place for my birthday and I was quite touched and surprised that he actually bring me here. This time when we were here for my birthday, they had a promotion for buffet promotion. 

The amount of food when it arrived. I had forgotten about the promotion they have, it's like some sort of upgrade to the buffet if you order one of their vege set. I might be wrong, but you can always follow their social media to be updated on their latest promotion when you dine in.

Mandatory couple photo πŸ’•

Birthday cake and flowers from my colleagues ✌

Close details of my outfit. I really love the look of the day 😍

Lastly, to end my birthday post, I am really blessed and happy about my 31st birthday this year. I definitely had a blast even through the tough time we go through. But I am really grateful for God's presence and strength throughout this period. 

Outfit Details

Dress | Taobao - ζ’…ε­η†ŸδΊ†
Earrings| little glamour
Necklace | TinyTrinket my
Bag | Bonia
Heels | Taobao

ιΌŽι¦™ι˜η«ι”…εΊ— Sky-Dome Hotpot
No.1, Jalan Lima, Chan Sow Lin, 
55200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Till Then.

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