Hi lovely, this week was a hectic for me as I was really busy with my church activities. It was been so long since I really join and help out in events. It was really tiring and fun as well. I am no longer that age that can always stay so late night. Sorry that I will be neglected my blog this weekend. But there's more fun and joy to share my post to all of you guys.

This year was my 24th Birthday and birthday seems not that important to me any more. I only wish to be the together to the one I love and with my little family members. I am not much a party people, but important is you are being loved by people around you. I still feel bless with loved and bless by people around me. 

My Birthday cake of the day. We have total 7 different flavor cake from De Pastry, PV128.

Wishing and blowing up the candle meaning I am really growing up.

Thanks my love for this cake. It was really nice and sweet of you as I didn't expect much from you but your caring and love.

My lovely church friends of mine. 

De Pastry Chef
Jalan 3/62d, Taman Manjalara, 
52200 Kuala Lumpur, 
Phone:+60 3-6275 4590

After lunch, we went to Jaya One as I been invited to go to MyVika Nail Party on this special day. I didn't expected to get invited but I was really thankful and grateful. The event was really fun and cute event with my boyfriend. Who knows Boyfriend is able to help their Girlfriend to do Nail Art. It will be my next post about this wonderful and pretty event.

After the event, my love told me that the dinner he booked was 6pm. We got extra 1 more hour to chill and rest till our dinner time. I choose Bongoya over another dining place! It was one of my must go place in Jaya One too.

Their front door design was really 素晴らしいです(Wonderful) and with design that are full of Japanese traditional way of decoration. So pretty and Japanese!!!

In our reserved table.

With my lovely boy. I was really happy to be loved by him and I swear that both of us have really go through many difficulties and trouble that any other couple could have imagine. But somehow God's blessing and love favor remain to pour on us. We are able to go through all these obstacles. We pass our 3rd Year Anniversary and hope for more!!!

Their dining place is with limited space. It is recommend to call and book for the place before you go there for dinner.

Kitchen BBQ ing in action.

I really love their design, it is so Japanese style. Show my love to Japan.

Since it was our first time here, I know we should order more nice and different food. But for BBQ, We order Ladies Finger and Prawn only.

There is 2 section of main dish for you to order at Bongoya, the First section is the Kushiyaki, skewer grilled; the Second section will be the BBQ section.

Pork Belly and Tomato RM5/per stick 
I love the juiciness of the pork belly with the tomato. The tomato juice just pop out once you bite it. Pork Belly was grilled just nice too.

Tiger Prawn RM5/per stick

Sausage Platter RM18
We got chicken, fish and squid grill skewer for this platter. After we order 1 stick of Chicken Teriyaki, only realize that this platter comes with Chicken grilled skewer too. This platter of grilled skewer was grilled until too dry compare to the 1 grilled skewer. The squid was the best among the chicken and fish grill skewer.

Squid grill skewer.

Chicken (Teriyaki) RM4/per stick 
Bangoya Tsukune Teriyaki RM5/per stick (Japanese Meatball)

Our dish of the day.

Pork Belly RM5/per stick
We order another pork belly grill skewer too. It was so yummy as I am a pork belly lover especially in Japan and Korean cuisine. Pork Belly is always best for grill! Tender and juicy pork belly from Bongoya.

Buttered Scallop and Enoki Mushroom RM18
This was really a OIISHI dish! Cooked with buttered scallop and the soup was rich with the essence from the scallop and the enoki mushroom. It was really appetizing and I just can't stop drinking the soup. If you are a seafood lover and soup lover like me, this dish was really recommended.

Chef in action. Hope to try more of their different BBQ dish such as the fish and pork fillet that we saw the order from another table. Will surely back here for more yummy food and awesome meal from Bongoya. 

I have different outfit from the morning. As I am wearing denim blue as I am serving in my church. Since it was my birthday, I decided to go Ang Ang meaning RED was a nice color for celebration.

My Maroon Crop and Polka dots headband are from Bangkok.

I even have my nails done on that day too.

I love this look with the back design of decor at Bongoya! It makes me feels like I was at Japan.

#sharonootd details
Crop | Bangkok
Pleated Culottes | Taiwan 
Silver Sandal | Taiwan
Accessories | Bangkok

Lastly I recorded my lovely birthday date out with my love! There will be some intro about my outfit details and yummy food I have at Bongoya. Hope you guys can enjoy this lovely video. See you guys soon in another post of my nails.

L12A-1-1, Palm Square, 
Jaya One, Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya.

Call for Reservation

Open daily 6pm-midnight. 
Entrance staircase beside Robata Monkey.


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  1. Happy birthday! Very cool post and pics!
    Have a nice day!
    Gteetings From Finland :
    Noora / www.noorajatuukka.blogspot.fi

  2. Happy birthday! Looks like you had fun with your love on your birthday! I love the photos and the video too! What did you use to edit? x ❤︎ | <a href="http://www.LaineyLovesLife.wordpress.com/" target="_blank”>LaineyLovesLife</a>

    1. yeap definitely enjoy! thanks for the wish!!
      Using Corel Studio pro x8!

  3. WOW! I've heard of this place but I didn't know is at Jaya One,so near to my area ! Anyway hope you had fun on your birthday,enjoy :)

  4. Happy birthday to you!~ May all your birthday wishes came true!

  5. nice, i also always buy cakes one piece one piece like that, then no need eat so much yet can taste many different types

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    Xoxo Camila e Carol

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  13. First of all Belated Happy birthday. The best part was the bday cake. And you look really nice in your bday outfit. And You guys really look awesome together. I know you had an awesome time. May be sometime I will also be happy on my birthday.

  14. Seems you have a great birthday. Hehe... Have not been to Bongoya although I work here. haha

    1. aiyo, should go there ma xD is a good place for dining!

  15. Happy belated birthday! Cute outfit! Looks like you had a fabulous time!

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    anw I like the decoration style in Bongoya, so Japanase >3< such a great place to go



  17. Happy Belated B'day!! a good celebration indeed!

  18. It looks like you had an amazing bday celebration. What a pretty colorful slices of cake you have! I like the look of Bongoya, yummy grilled food. Too bad we werent able to go to Jaya One when we were in KL last month

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