Do you want to experience Turtle Watching, Hatchling Release and Egg Planting in just one place? Resorts World Kijal here to satisfied your experience that everyone must at least try once in a lifetime! Visit Resorts World Kijal to learn how important to conserve our earth ecosystem so that in the future our kids and next generation are able to experience how wonderful and precious life can be for our mother earth.

When we first visit this dining area - Restoran Kampong Meraga Beris, I love the design and ambiance of their dining place. There has this big sampan in the middle while serving their food on the sampan. 

Not only that we serve with delicious food, but we also have got to try some of Terengganu Kuih as well. I never been to Terengganu nor trying out their kuih before, where ever you are in somewhere new please to do try out some of their traditional food to leave no regrets!

Time to check in to our rooms via the reception counter.

Our room card for this two days and one night.

If you asking what to do at Resorts World Kijal, there's will be a few lists of fun activities that you must not miss too. Let's go through their facilities and rooms that Resorts World Kijal has offered to the guest. 

I rarely hit the gym whenever I'm on vacation. And here you can get to workout in a spacious and real gym equipment center. 

For Golf-Lovers! The Palma and Rimba Nines – an 18-hole championship golf course – is right next to the resort, providing a unique challenge with its sand-based course. If you are a daddy yourself who loves to play golf, don't worry about your family members. They can get to enjoy some of the other facilities around Resorts World Kijal. 

Adults and Children pool area is a must whenever you stay with your family and kids! They have a really big pool here that you can also enjoy some water games in the pool too. 

Tennis court. 

Check out this Huge colorful snake and ladder board too! Spin away and start your game with your friends. There's also giant chessboard too.

One thing to take note that the design of the floor on the Lobby is actually a colorful rainbow floor that flows to the center of the water fountain. Since my room is only two floors above the lobby, that I did not notice this creative floor design! 

We are staying in the Deluxe Room where the window of our room is facing the pool, a lil of the ocean and blue sky view. The bed is cozy enough with a really pretty off-white decor bathroom for two.

The view from our room window! I love how we can get to enjoy a nice blue sky and pool look here. Is it so relaxing to able to see this view when you wake up too!

Keen to have a honeymoon trip here? Check out some of their lovey-dovey bird room here with cozy King size bed for a couple. 

They have an open bathtub for two! Isn't that super romantic? 

Move on to the private suite that each has their own secret door for both floors. You can also get to enjoy the pool and golf straight after you walk out of your suite. It's a recommended for those who need more privacy also for a bigger family members gathering too.  

Jacuzzi and Outdoor bath area.

Simple cooking area for minimal food preparation.

It has a living area with Television and Dining Room area too. 

Indoor bathroom with another bathtub. 

How pretty is the bed decorated just for the newlyweds!

Move up to the second floor of the suite. Both floors have their own entrance as well. So you do not worry about noise and privacy issues here. 

It has a slightly small living area, dining, and kitchen too! 

Time to have a nice and romantic dinner here at Oasis Beach Bistro.

It is a restaurant dining area beside the beach. It is recommended to start your dinner around 6pm so that you can get to enjoy the best view of the beach. It was a relaxing dining experience here at Oasis Beach Bistro. 

Food at Oasis Beach Bistro. 

We get to enjoy some music performance from live singer too. 

Remember the newlywed honeymoon room, you can also request to have a sweet romantic dinner here at Oasis Beach Bistro. Love the setup of this romantic dinner table for two!

Thanks for having us here for an enjoyable and relaxing dinner.

Besides enjoying their food and facilities, there are some meaningful and education activities that you can contribute too. That is a part of learning about how Turtles is important for our earth. 

You can also have experience by planting turtles egg too. In Resorts World Kijal, you can have the chance to touch and feel turtles egg. The eggs are so delicate and are best to care and plant with care and love too. The resort’s conservation efforts are supported by guest activities like hatchling release, egg planting, and turtle watching.

A model about how baby turtles hatch and goes back to the ocean after they hatch. 

Being a high-trafficked area, Resorts World Kijal has a conservation programme in place to ensure the safety of both the turtles and their eggs. Regular cleanings are done to ensure the beach is safe for both turtle landings and guest activities, and the resort is also working with the Terengganu Department of Fisheries to seek official protection for its beach and to certify its guest turtle conservation programme. 

For the ecologically inclined and curious, guests can participate in turtle hatchlings release or egg planting sessions (RM49 per person), as well as night-time turtle watching (RM70 per person) held at the resort or at the Turtle Sanctuary Ma Daerah Kerteh or Pantai Teluk Mak Nik Kuala Kemaman, transportation included. The latter two are popular turtle watching sites, supported by Resorts World Kijal via the Department of Fisheries’ annual beach cleanup. 

Turtles usually arrive on Terengganu beaches from April to September, mainly consisting of the common Green Turtle (Chelonia Mydas) and the occasional rare Hawksbill Turtle (Eretmochelys Imbricate). Returning by instinct to the very area that they were hatched, the 7.6km beach at Resorts World Kijal is one of these hallowed places. For about three months, the eggs will lay incubating in the sand, only for the hatchlings to emerge during a full moon and speed their way to the ocean. In the years to come, many will return to the very same beach, completing the cycle of life. And Resorts World Kijal will be there waiting to welcome them back. 

Lastly, we also get to experience coconut tree planting as well. It is also important to maintain the ecosystem of the beach by coconut tree planting. I was really inspiring while hearing all the workers there sacrifice their time and energy just to maintain the ecosystem of a beach and turtle conversation. Each of them is really so important and part of the contribution for our earth ecosystem maintenance. I do really respect them a lot and hope that every one of us can also learn about how important to maintain the ecosystem on the earth. How we shouldn't throw rubbish in the sea, or on the beach. Be conscious and mindful that every of this little litter can cause harm to our ecosystem as well. 

Thanks again for Resorts World team for organizing this meaningful and wonderful 2 Days 1 Night trip here at Resorts World Kijal. Definitely an eye-opening experience for me especially being so close with Turtle Eggs and Releasing Baby Turtles! The experience is so overwhelming and touching too. 

For guests that are eager to participate in conservation efforts and get a glimpse of these majestic marine creatures can opt for the resort’s 3D2N Sea Turtle package, where they can frolic in the sea by day and keep watch for turtles at night. 

Room rates at Resorts World Kijal start from RM410 per night. The resort also offers a number of stay packages, including the 3D2N Sea Turtle Package (RM682 per night in a Premier Seaview room, including a buffet breakfast for two at Restoran Kampong and a choice of turtle hatchling release or egg planting) and the 2D1N Golf Package (RM426 per night in a Premier Seaview room, including a buffet breakfast for two at Restoran Kampong and golfing session for 2 pax, including insurance).

Be sure to follow their social media and website for more info and update!

Resorts World Kijal

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  1. I totally missed out this opportunity. I always wanted to check out turtle conservation center. Great hospitality here.

  2. OMG this is a unique and memorable experience for you! I haven't seen a turtle egg hatch, I wonder does it same with chicken eggs??
    Your accommodation is fabulous AF.

  3. I was at Kijal two years ago and did almost the same things. Miss the resort and its hospitality. Of course, would love the opportunity to release turtles.

  4. Going to Terengganu is my huge dream since kid! I will still put them in my list and bring my little watch turtles !

  5. wow.. so cute seeing all those tiny mini turtle. I have seen it once at Kota Bharu, really very interesting especially when the mama came ashore to laid eggs