Today I'm gonna blogged about a really pretty and sweet cafe, Whip Up that I visited last month. The cafe itself is up to my liking is because it has the interior of pink and white vibes that I really love. 

Whip Up serve a lot of beautiful serving desserts to the customer. They update and modify their menu once every few months. This could have tricked us to visit their cafes more often. Because by seeing those pretty desserts, definitely makes my ♥ itch! 

Do check out my weekend outfit post here.  As we took some great shots in Whip Up because while we are here the cafes are pretty empty already. We manage to have some me time while chilling in the cafe. 

My dinner of the night. Usually, I don't prefer to have cold food during night time as I don't have a great stomach. But I'll just give this a try when I am here. 

It was a combination of fruits, nuts,  grains and coconut flakes as the topping of this yogurt bowl. One bowl is so satisfying and full enough for one people. Yummy and healthy bowl.

The desserts Think Pink that I want has already sold out.  They recommend another dessert which is their dark chocolate with caramelized almonds.

I love how the chocolate melts inside my mouth with each bite I took. The caramelized almond was really appetizing too. Since dark chocolate is more on a bitter taste and caramelized almond is sweet, both of the combination taste is so good when you eat it together.

Each of the corners of the cafe is so pretty and definitely worth to take photos too. 

Vibes that every girl like!

Do check out the cafe if you are in KL! Place of parking is slightly troublesome, but you'll definitely love the place. 

Whip Up 

258, Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah, 
Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur 



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  1. The deco of this cafe is like my dream cafe! The food looks good too!

  2. I wonder if the price is promising enough as the food look. But that really looks tempting :(

  3. wow.. the desrt look delicous.. my mouth is watering already.. hahahaha

  4. Love the cafe interior design. Simple and nice place to eat desserts. Nice sharing.

  5. the cake look yummy.. but KL is too far for me ��

  6. I really like the colour scheme of this cafe and it has a refreshing theme. Pink is my all-time favourite colour, after all. Haha! The dishes look very appealing as well. Time to plan something thanks to your recommendation.

  7. Such a pretty cafe.. am hewding to Bukit Bintang next week and might just check it out

  8. Ahh I like this kind of food so much! Healthy yet yummy!

  9. Oh no. Im drooling seeing this all desserts. Especially the oat banana one. Gonna try it soon.

  10. Everything looks delicious! The cafe is cute too