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I have wanted to revisit KEDAI KL for the longest time. By the time I write this, I also plan to revisit don't know how many times, and want to eat this avocado rice again! Super yummy ๐Ÿ˜ I also thinking of visiting the local boutique that is also located at KEDAI KL as they have been releasing new clothes pieces that I wanted to try and purchase. 

Another full white outfit again hahaha! I know I have been wearing a lot of white lately and omg I just realized I wore full white also last weekend ๐Ÿ‘€ I think that I seriously need to wear some colorful outfits for my outfit nowadays. But then monochrome color also always the best because it never will go wrong when I wear out haha!

My last weekend post with my previous hair make. I can't really decide that I am more on a bright hair girl or dark hair girl. So what do you guys think?

Today is a set outfit that I buy from an online store that is named Midori. They are focusing more on Korean style outfit. While you scrolling through their page, they offer a lot of varieties outfit from Casual Outfit to Dinner Outfit too. Since their outfit and shoes are from Korea, you can definitely able to browse and shop for some unique pieces of outfit you need.