Another full white outfit again hahaha! I know I have been wearing a lot of white lately and omg I just realized I wore full white also last weekend ๐Ÿ‘€ I think that I seriously need to wear some colorful outfits for my outfit nowadays. But then monochrome color also always the best because it never will go wrong when I wear out haha!

Today's outfit is the continuous outfit from the previous post. Just a change of the top and outer which I wear the week before to the mall, but that time we didn't shoot any ootd. But due to my love for this cute and cozy outer, I decided to wear it out again to the cafe! Actually is because my husband is damn judgy when I wear this to the mall hence I didn't manage to wear and shoot it that week.

This set actually does comes with pants, but due to the pants was really short and not able to wear out so I just wear back the previous outfit white pants. Since it's all-white so it does not feel weird at all!

Here are the close details of my look. I love how the singlet and outerwear look so cozy up and relax. The price for both pieces from Taobao is very affordable as well, with buying all the 3 pieces set is it around RM60. The material actually quite good and does not cause any irritation when I wear it too. I don't usually easy sensitive to any clothes material, but this furry outfit is very comfortable lol!

Never really post a close look at my hair! By right you can see all my black roots are coming out, I still really love how I look with light color hair ๐Ÿ’“ After having dark hair for some time, a change of color is definitely needed, till now I still loving my new bleached color.

The outer is actually comes in a slight bubble sleeve which makes your arms look slimmer as well. I actually think that this is worth buy because I can always wear this outer with a different outfit if I need it.

My accessories for this outfit are the color-changing sling bag from ZARA and a cute vintage Prada headband. I feel the headband quality is really meh, although I understand it is handmade with unique material and print, the logo stick on the headband looks really of poor quality. But nevertheless, the design is pretty unique and vintage, I think I will wear it quite often tho haha!

I like that the cafe here has this small area where they purposely let the sunshine through from their glass roof (not sure if it's cover with glass or?) If you prefer indoor seating with aircond, you may be seated on their first-floor seating, if you feel too cold and need some sun then you may go the level 2 seating.

The second floor itself has a more warm seating with sunlight and plants, the time we went is during evening time hence the sunlight is not overly bright and sunny. Sometimes I just like to enjoy myself with some sunny warm sunlight, and seeing it makes me feel happy.

Back to Belly and the Chef Dining again because want to take some stand shot! Thanks for reading till the end. Hope you like all the white outfits that I wore and share recently. Although the color is the same all the design and texture-wise are very different!

Outfit details
 Top + Outer | Taobao
White Pants |
Accessories | Taobao
Sneakers | FILA
Bag | ZARA

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26, Jalan Selera 1, 
Taman Bukit Indah, 58200 
Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan



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