My last weekend post with my previous hair make. I can't really decide that I am more on a bright hair girl or dark hair girl. So what do you guys think?

Today is a set outfit that I buy from an online store that is named Midori. They are focusing more on Korean style outfit. While you scrolling through their page, they offer a lot of varieties outfit from Casual Outfit to Dinner Outfit too. Since their outfit and shoes are from Korea, you can definitely able to browse and shop for some unique pieces of outfit you need.

White is always my all time favorite when it comes to my outfit. I have tons and tons of white top as well. I will never get tired of matching white or wearing white when it comes to my outfit pairing. This whole set is the Harley Set and it was sold out within days when it first sold at Midori. I manage to order it when it opens their back order again for this set. 

Waiting time was pretty long but the set of the outfit is out of my expectation. Another my 显瘦 outfit that I really like! Making me look so slim and covered up my belly fats.

For accessories part, I am in love with my round ring earrings that I got it free from my recent purchase from another online store. I used to wear this back when I'm young and now wearing it back it makes me look more classy and mature. It's simple design just match perfectly with this outfit too. 

Material wise it was a bit rough but still acceptable for me. It was not designed as tight fit but really casual loose fit. Since it was loose and casual fit, it makes me looks slimmer too. Tips for you guys! I rarely wear shorts and never thought of shorts can make me look much slimmer and taller.

I am not a fan of Harley Davidson but I like the design font on the top itself. It was a bold but not so striking design on the top. Minimalism enough but also brings out the boldness of it.

That's all for my weekend outfit for the week. Happy Weekend guys!

Outfit Details

Outfit Set | Midorimy



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  1. Casual and relaxing look. I dare not wear such a big brand name, unless it is authentic. I think dark hair suits you better, by the way.

  2. This outfit is so cute >3<
    both bright hair and dark hair really suit you! ^-^

    sweety rainy days

  3. The outfit looks so pretty on you! I love outfit that makes me look slim hehe

  4. Kevin老师 from Taiwan said before, actually shorts are the good things to 显瘦 instead of trousers/pants and I really agree on that! Your OOTD post is backed!!

  5. effortlessly pretty! all white outfits really makes you look "clean"

  6. Hello Sharon,
    Your short hair suits well on you and you look more youthful than ever :)
    Gorgeous ootd too!

  7. You are looking as cute as younalways do.. but then again Sharon , you are always just so photogenic

  8. Simple and casual wear is the best. You look fair in white colour.

  9. Oh dear, you absolutely nailed it! I love how you paired it with your bag and sandals.

  10. I feel like you are a real fashionista on the other hand...just keep sticking to sweatshirts..hahahha

  11. Love your ootd babe. Suits you really well! Ahhh i wish i had more time to dress up daily T.T