Today I am working too..
So I very early then wake up le lo..
I know that many people don't wan go to tuition so early morning d..
But we are different..
Because what we think is..
Better we tuition early then late night didn't need to go tuition already~
I sleep at 2 yesterday as well..
I was thinking to sleep early..
But somehow..
i am too addicted to games..
That why I play till 2 only I went to sleep..
Today my mum was wake so early in the morning..
I was scare that I can't wake up too..
But I manage la~~
Then when I was there..
I was too early there~First to reach~
Everything went well la~~~
Just very tired lo~
But I know that another teacher who are teaching sleep at 4 yesterday==
I was..huh?!
So geng lo..haha
Still got people late sleep than me tim..
Ok la..

Standard 2~
Bad in English
Bad in Malaysia
Bad in Mathematik too..
Really dunno how to teach her wan lo~~LOL

Kok Wei ah..
Standard 2~
still ok la==
but bad in english and malay as well..
kambing = 马?
Really kena scold teruk wan==
Spelling all 000000eggssss...

Standard 2~
Very clever girl...
but also poor in certain subject la..
But in Bina ayat and spelling, ejaan..
Poor a bit lo..
wrong one or two..
Anyhow she is quite clever gal~~
Preewtie too~~haha

standard 2~
Also clever lo..
But usually get scold also..==
But not me who scold la==
Cause I think he is ok wan ah..
Not as bad as the other lo..

Standard 3.. say ler..
Also a clever gal too~
But sometime too clever is not a good thing..
Cause sometimes they will proud..
She will like ask question..
She actually is very careless wan lo
Usually wrong a bit there and here..

Jun Hao..
quite little handsome guy
But very thin and small lo~
he is a guy who like t\o cry~~
Because he get scold lo~~
Not me la==
Because I really dun have the energy to do that ~
He cry le twice today
You can see the tears inside his eyes wan..
Ah Dui~
He won't let us see he cry wan..
But usually we know he cry lo~
He very NAUGTHY boy~
Didn't concentrate and listen to me wan la~~

My fren go watch that movie today~
But i watch already too~~
Nice and funny movie..
You guyss should go and watch too hee..
money money 55 cum..huhu..

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