CNY Primary school gathering

Monday, February 22, 2010
today went for primary school gathering
But at first I really damn confuse~
because I got my camp reunion on the other side~
And actually I am decide if mY good friend is going for da primary school reunion
Then I will go lor..
But then she can't go..
still i lagi more confuse~
I think both reunion also very important lor..
But my mum say lar..
I better go for the primary school reunion wor..
Because I long time didn't meet them..
True lor...after graduate I don't see them also le..
Then some more she say camp u alway can see them wan ma..
And then..
I wan primary school reunion also cannot~
You still got ler..You should appreciate it lor~
==hem..But I not familiar with them ma..
You chat le then sure you familiar already lar!
My mum langsung didn't give me chance to say a word==
ok lar...

As for today..
I actually can both reunion also didn't go wan d~
Then I can sleep long long time
But no lar..
After I wake up and get ready..
My mum straight away fetch me to Wan Teng house..==
I actually feel quite embaressed..==
I not sure the time and destination too//
But when I reached there..
I saw Wan Teng and she say..
Wei..Sharon got come ler..Sharon got come ler..
I was quite==shocked~
Why ler..
Like I cannot come like dat ler..
Ok lar..
Then We wait inside there for 45 min wait for everyone to come..
Only we depart from her house...
Yo~here we go~

Wan Teng house~
the boys already start gamble lo~haha~

first destination!
We got around 20 ppl~

From the look of the entrance~
look like got someone marry like dat lo~hahaha~

The guys~

At first we chat around..
I 1st time join them..
Teacher got ask me question too..
And then we start playing da killer game..
with 眨一只眼..
And it kind of different with what I play before wan..haha~
quite nice~

the girls~

Lastly we take group photo with teacher~
beside me is teacher daughter ah~hee~

The guys are so tan wan..
This pose look not suitable for guys doing like that..==

we taking solo photo with my teacher

the guys hand~

Look at what they doing==
heart shape...??

ok I finally understand!haha

2 leng luis~~~~
look like twins righ

at last~
Group photo~haha

Our second destination~
i 4get the name of the teacher~
Just know she is one of our friend 's mum..
And now she is not teacher anymore~
Vice principal~haha..
When we at there we start to feel restless ~
We decide our lunch damn long lor..==
1. full house_far
2.happy season_few days ago eat~
3.chilis~==expensive ler~
Then they decide we go cannes~
ok lor~
we reach there near 3pm==
And we eat finish at about 4 -4 :30 like dat~
The food there quite nice ler~
so yummy~

ang pow ang pow~mali mali~haha~
very nice ang pow lo~

Girls photo~
Me ugly

photo capture effect~
geng lor~
Xia Xun also got teach us

me And yvonne~

2 Ace~win lor..haha

photo effect by Xia Xun and christine~
I didn't manage to do it lor

The twins too I guess~
Cuz Kah Ying born at January and Ken Sheng born in December~
haha..a Miracle lor..

Girls again~haha..

Our 4th destination~
Chee Zhao house~
erm..Near wan Teng house~
But didn't have many parking place

money money come!

I was so gladful that I didn't make a mistake to come here

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