waiting for $$ come..
But somehow how much I wait for it
It won't just come..
Am I just unlucky..
I am fedup with the promise he promise..
I waited for 2 months just because he say so
zz..REGRET lo..
Now what..Call him nobody answer and go to the mailbox
Maybe I am stupid for beliving him!!!

Got my salary already..
somehow not many la..
Jus working tuition for 2 hours wor..
Nvm la..
I somehow ok with it lo..
I until haven't went shopping for my CNY clothes
Haiz...clothes ah~got many le lo..
Until my cupboard need go pack again..==
But what i lack is shoes~~~
wuwu..I want some beautiful and pretty shoes to pass my New Year la~~~~
But my mum also won't listen
So I have just buy it myself or thinking how to buy it myself..
Haiz..pity me
Who wan borrow me money wan
Yup..btw I wan buy a high waist jeans too~~~wakaka..

each day I on9 about for 4-5 hours in the morning..
But I usually didn't get to do much thing ..
Because of that stupid dumb internet..
lag..and the line didn't stable wan..
Until I totally fedup..
Life is hard ya..
Although I didn't study for exam or what..
What the hell is going o
waiting for this week hanging out with my BFFsss again..
We are going to sing k~~wakakakaka..
LOVE it~hah..
That day will suppose be my HIGH DAY..
I will try to let everything OUT totally!!!!

I am angry with my dad still with the day he put airplane to us..
Because that day he came back to Malaysia..
Promise to meet us up..
But didn't==
I was angry lo~~~
Why dad didn't meet us oh..
So miss him stilGot months didn'nt saw him..
Guess I will cry when I meet him..
I always do..
So today we are on9..
Dad ask me why so long didn't on9..
I didn'y say anything..
Actually is I was stil mad of him for that thing...
That's why..
I know I am very small gas la~
Until now I keep it in mind lo..
We do chat a lot ya..
He still busy there at CAmbodia..
He tell me that he will buy new handphones for us..
That are cheap cause is China phone
haha..anyway is still ok for me~
Kinda happy la~
But I just hope my dad can faster come back to Malaysia lo~~Miss him yo..

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