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Thursday, February 18, 2010
I take all these photos at my granma house..
It seem like there are so many treasure can be found here
haha.. Here are da photo I take from the 14.2.10-16.2.10~

mushroom grow at the tree that had been cut down by my grandfather..
haha..kinda cute~

okok..this is not taken at my grandmother place..
Is my lao gu house~
very preety planted

red red represent chinese new year~

Not really what tree is this..
erm..papaya tree...?haha~
I just like the shape of the leaf and how the sun shine on it~

don't know what is that..
is like got bit ci ci like that wan..haha~

Quite nice taking from this angle~xD

Love all these~
my grandmother has so many this plant around the house~
haha..this flower require a lot a lot of sunlight so that they can grow beautifully~haha

Pardon me..

A new banana tree I guess..haha~

Flower budss..hee

cacao tree..
IS eaten by the naughty creature..squirrel~ah~!
We saw one was trap in the cage that my grandmother set..haha~


My grandmother house s like a big big garden once..
But now she is old and not very capable to take care of the garden again..
So there are many are die..
And the garden look messy too..
And some tree is being cut down by my grandfather..
Or not the thunder..
So there is not much beautiful plants left already lor~haha..

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