Grandmother and Grandfather house

here some random photo I took during my trip to Malacca~hee~

This toad i saw it at the public toilet at...
4get what stop alreay..
i was kind of shocked when i saw this creature behind the door..

These 2 drawing are my mum draw wan..
From far it look so nice ler~haha..
but I think It is beautifully drawn la~haha..

My cousin shoe~arhg~
Hello Kitty..
it look cute

A moth on da ground~xD

what is the fan doing here ah??haha~

da bathroom~

place they wash da plates and the vegetables~
Or do whatever stuff before cook~
==I not used to wash plates beside at the sinki there lo~

Old fans~

Old cupboard~

Look clearly from here le

Old closet

Old...erm..what this ah~

The swing
Last time when small we like to go there and play
Now it is pack with stuff and dust~:-(

The front garden of da house~haha~

The back garden.. been left for years..
there a dog there==

And cats~~~~~~~~~~

The "bi jiao" quite dog~haha~


still gt more But i just choose few..
so many antique found at my grandma house~

Now my grandmother having accident..
And injured her neck and leg~
And I just notice that like she got 中风 a bit~
Saw her face like 抽痉 like that
feeling heart pain when I saw it
Now she didn't went to the back and plant her vege..
Just sitting at home
Ah dui~
feeling very 心酸 when thinking of that..
what I hope is my grandmother and grandfather can Live happy together~
hope They can Live LOng Life~

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