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My cute girl~hee..

Gonna introduce my cute girl~
That my student oh..
She is an indian girl..
Big eyes..
Long eyelashe..
Curly hair..
All is natural wan lor..
Really a cute and preety girl lai d lo~
Love her..ah..
She is 6 this year..I
I been teaching her since last year oh..
Mostly i will teach if I didn't teach at night~
Or I am in holiday lar..
If not my mum will help me to teach wan..haha..
Saturday I teach her because for replacement for cny..
I took this photo is another le lor..
Here it is~

Yup..forget introduce her name..
Janani oh~haha..

I draw this rainbow for her and teach how to write properly 彩虹..
hee..She color it..
But i still help to color also~


One extra brother!haha..
Sleeping like pig..haha..

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