new baby

Today we 5 snow go and visit Poh Wen baby boy..
And the baby boy some more same birthday with my friend~
I was surprise when she tell me she born a baby boy d..
Means My guess is not wrong that I notice she already pregnant when we attend to her wedding~
We meet at 1pm at Giant~
Because we want to buy present for her dear baby boy~
But when we reach there..
I thought we was late because of my work..
I end at 12pm
Then got something make more late~shit~
But the twins didn't show up==
I thought yesterday we say 1pm we meet..
Maybe she got wrong the time le?
ok lor~
I give them 45 min to get ready to reach here~
When we shop at the baby thing there~
We were actually thinking wau we were like auntie already buying baby stuff for friend wor==
We buy pampers and one hamper for her baby boy~
All just rm60 d~
Got discount~
Then The twins reach and we go for lunch d~
We reach Poh wen aroung 3pm~
And we saw her baby~
Cute and look preety lo~
hee..Such a bleesing for her~
But She told us that she can't the baby with her because she need to work and don't have time to take care her~
WAh..Feel pity for the baby because cannot stay with his mummy and daddy~
And because of that she cannot give her baby breast feeding and cannot sleep with him~
haiz haiz..
Later she tell us about all the baby stuff and the pain of having the baby born==
What we hear is how pain she was==
Make me feel scary for having baby tim..
Later we left her house around 4 something~ Yo.. Here is her baby~

He just close his eye all the time~
Most of the time lo~

small small hand~

he got small and thin leg~
like easily broken like tat lor~

he shen lan yao lo~
with the hand take up~
Poh Wen tell us is the baby 招牌动作~

being marry at the age 19 and having baby after a year..
It feel quite a adventure for me lor if I am having a life like that..
But That is what I didn't wish for..
What I feel freedom is when I am single and just been around with friends~
I can't afford my life tying up with marriage now==
So now I wan just enjoy my life~

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