Shopping+gai gai

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Today went shopping with Susan..
We are going to Sungai Wang And Time Square~
at first I am thinking went shopping alone wan~
But I scare lonely ma
But still is ok lor~
I still need people to give me decision BAd Girl~
I think today I went shopping and I try many shoe today lor~
Because I am aiming for SHOE
But still don't know which kind of shoe should I choose~
I try from high heel to normal high heels
We are getting fun together shopping~
And taking some stupid photo together..
That I wanted lar
Then I realised I take less photo with Susan lor~
She seem to can't buy any thing at Sungai Wang~
At last I brought two pairs of shoe~
One is high heel~
One is normal wan~
Both also quite nice OWH~
We also eat lunch together~chit chating~
We are siting and eating at the Bee...?
Forget name le~
Can sit on the swing wan..
Take some photos again..~
Susan wanted to belanja me~
But I rejected and pay her back too~~
Later that time I was able to buy another pair of shoe~
And both of us saw wan very nice and syok shoe lo~
High heel but got some boots kind of stuff on the part of our heel~
But quite expensive is rm79.90~
Got another wan also same kind but is like england style wan rm89.90~
 choose black although kind of mature><
But I am not childish anymore~wakakaka..
Then we aim for the japan shop..
which I introduce wan to her
Haha...We buy some make up stuff..for fun~
cause it just rm5 only~
Later Susan want to buy bag ah~
We went to times square too~
haha...And it is tired lor...
Quite funny part when we pass through the bridge to cross over to times square.
.Got some charity funds to donate..
I am actually quite use to it cause meet them severals times..
And we like didn't look and them..
Is me lar..
keep shaking head and go up straigh
So bad lar~
Continue at Time Square...
She buy bags..
And there go so many shoe shop ler...
Got one shop d shoe damn nice oh~hee..
but still nt as nice as I saw at sungai wang wan
Later we are tired leg also pain ler
Buay buay lor..haha..
HAcing lots da fun Together ya~
Still wan go shop
not enuf beh~
wan go cut hair also~

This high hell is nice..And I wan just kno I wearing the sharp high heel i very nice~haha..Then I noticed my leg is darker compare to Susan..Haiz..I just know that lar..Most of my friend have fairer skin than me lor~

And we are wearing one white top and red top chang our shoe lor that time..haha..It will be cool if we are wearing the same shoe walking togetherxD

Zhao pai action lai~haha


Peace together~haha..
Susan take wan
Say wat we just wan take photo only not buy wan lor..walao..==


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