1st Lunch Project

Monday, March 15, 2010
Finally 2010 Lunch porject start today..
We need to reach church at 6:30am..
but I was late..
Nearly 8am only reach~
Hem..I was so tired yesterday and sleep at 12~
When I reached everybody was busy!
Today menu was mixed rice with cabbage and ku lou yok~
But actually is fried rice but is banned~
I start to help them..
Cutting carrot..washing..
We start to cook about 9~
I left early because having survey again==
Actually I knew that there was such mess~
Got lot lot of things to do~arhg~
But I have no choice~
I left at around 11~
good Luck guys~

*I know our drinks sell not enough~
 the drinks taste bad~yuck~

All da carrot, pineapple, and cabbage we cut~

the ku lou yok~herm..

all the auntie start to cook~

the meat mixed with carrot sengkuang~

looks yummy lo~

the drinks~to many liao inside already~

So we need to squeesh~it~yuck~
abby sit so rude==haha

everybody is busying squeeshing~
this is the "zha" look like==

we start to pack our drinks at 9:30~

The dishes is out~!looks yummy~@@

Busy packing~

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