colorful fireworks:-)

finally I post up my fireworks photo That I took~
Before that Is pai tian gong ma~
I don't know that they will put all those fireworks wan ler==
Like celebrate like dat meh..
ah dui~
At first I was inside my room doing some stuff~
Then The fireworks so loud and so long until I cannot stand it..
I went to my house balcony with my camera dslr..
At first When I want to take photo there is no fireworks..
when I back to room le..
There is fireworks again==
Ok lor..
lAter I just stay outside with my dslr..
stand there for 30 min gua..
With my dslr I capture 500 photo of the fireworks~
BOOM only ler..
So damn loud lor..
If not I tot is BOOM like d lor..==
And one special thing is..
My mum langsung didn't affect by the firework==
I was quite surprise~ ==
Really sleep so pig meh~
later I finish taken my photo reach room at 1am..
I zheng li my photo all..
delete and do some animation on it~
haven't do finish wan lor
next time show~

2 gif that I do it with photoshop
I still got more
next time show ya~hee

The side wan firework very nice wan lor
But I can't take the full firework there lor~hee~

my favourite~
the small small spot like star upon the sky ah~

Da moon on the sky..
So small ah..
They are many place oso got put fireworks lo~hee

I like this wan too~
I use this photo as my desktop background tim..

LOVE it~
look like small star again ler..
MAny star fall down

this wan like laser~
geng ler..hehe

flower blossom~hee

laser again~haha~

flower blossom again~
nice and preety yeh

more and more flower..HEe~

red and green

This is a firework not laser oh

Green color geh~hee~

Purple color geh~
my favorite color~

And finally~
I sleep at 3am in da morning lo ~hee~@@

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