fourth time 4th

Friday, March 26, 2010
Today is my fourth time going to the dentist to do my braces..
not really the fourth time..
Before I even put on my braces I been here for severals time already..
Time pass so quickly..
Last time My teeth not that straight and order..
I still remember when I went to that dentist..
I was not willing to do the braces..
Later I wanted to do it because of the photo shot that I took in studio..
I found that When I smile..
was that ugly..yer..
That time I set my target to go and put braces..
Now my teeth is all straight and nice jor..
But still we need to put it..
Now Is already half a year pass..
So fast..
But I need to put 3 years..
and maybe forever...
Because of my jaw..haha..
But i still think is ok~
I am willing to put it~

My teeth is still pain~
because I just put and make it tighter again..
Now still cannot bite food..
Just drink drinks for fill up my hungry stomach..
I no appetite to eat ma~
The orthodontic doctor wanted to retire already~
I feel so pity~
Because she is a good orthodontic doctor..
But I got still one appointment with her..
She is a good dentist~
She is very friendly with her patient..
And plus she is a Chinese~
So she is easily communicated..
But now..
A new orthodontic...
I hope is a good and kind doctor la~

My look ~haha//with black glasses~~

Inside the toilet..
require to brush our teeth ah~

The room we pulled our teeth out~scary ya~

The notice board write how we brush teeth after we put..and etc..


The doctor information..I like that doctor ah~

inside the room...hem..many tools ya..

Later I back to college for class..
but seem like just 1 2 3 ppl in the class only..
There just 12 person when it is 2:30pm and the class start at 2:00pm..
So with few people..
consult start but my work is not good==haiz..
need more creative~
then later we play a game and below is the result that we draw~haha..

cute +feminine+guy+dinosaur+==haha~funny creature~

Arg..i feel pity to this dog ah~
whenever i pass by here i will peek and look for this dog..
Hope that it is safe and healthy~

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