moody snowman

I feel moody today ~
When I wake up and on9...
Infront of the laptop..
I felt bored and..
Thinking what am I suppose to be doing..?
Feel empty and moody~
There no reason for it..
I just felt it..
There is something in my heart making me feeling that way..
It turn up serious..
When I feel like wanted to eat something..
But when I started to eat..
everything in my mouth feel tasteless~
no taste at all~
Then I eat half and throw it..
LAter I watch movie in my laptop..
feel entertain a bit..
Later go sleep..
Not too comfortable..
Wake up and on9...
Go work..
Feeling better when I back home..
Quite weird har..
student result bad><
make me guilty lor..
Teaching them so hard
still fail~~~~~~~
ah dui~~~~~~~~~
Really don't know how teach..
"Bou" drama at home with family..
with Lays~
Now blogging infront laptop~
My mood like drop phew.....down...
Then now thinking...

We are the one who are thinking to be happy or not right~?
Then I should be happy and ++ thinking...
I know I am so unconfident
so --- thinking~
so sensitive~
At least I do things I like...
But the best moments of me is when I with 5 snow..
They really help me..
I feel comfortable with them..
They help regain my confident craziness~
I love them a lot...

My hormone really are unbalance==

sitting infront laptop
lazy on9
lazy think
lazy play game
don't want to anything..
Heart is aching~

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