Susan open House

Sunday, March 14, 2010
today we went for open house at susan house~
I first time go..
i think 2day was quite busy for me because I was having survey in the afternoon~
At night I am going to susan house~
There was so big and nicely decorated..
I like it..
So rich people house~hehe..
Ok la..
At there when we go visit each corner and room..
There was twice short circuit at there too==
LAter I go every place and corner and took some photo..
And we start our dinner..Haha..
We drink beer too~
Because I really wanted to drink lo..
So long didn't drink already..hehe..
After the dinner..
We go lepak around takin photo and warm up ourself..
Crazy around..
Later we went up again..
Take photo again..==Herm..
Not good..
we went downstair..
People are getting more..
But still we are manage to crazy and took pretty photo..
I was happy la then..
Later we keep on wanted to drink red wine But cannot find..
So we open a new bottle and we drink..
Erm Jia ern drink also..
Although she fetch~
But she is ok..
drink a bit nia~
We go to the garden and just we five and we cheer together..
Later we head to Poh wen house..
But I didn't go..
because don't wan ma fan Jia Ern fetch me back again..
I was happy enough..
And mostly we all wanted to stay at susan longer~
But no choice~
is ok lar~
Poh wen baby having full moon~
They went there only..
I reach home around 10~
Take many photo that I like~
having great fun today~
thank to five snow~wakaka..

nice view from my house to Susan long didn't take sky geh photo lo~

Satay outside Susan house oh~

Susan House balconi oh~xixi

Susan house balconi inside got a place for reading book geh
very special ler~

Susan brother room..very nice lo~hee

This photo corner~hee~

Susan room~ka~

The living room~hee..
I like all the mat..all very soft wan~

The dining table~hee

Outside garden d flower..
But this is sure a special wan lo~don't know wat lai~hahas~

Everybody is having dinner now~hee~Jia Ern brother~


Flower in the middle table~hee~

Lissa lao po~hee..behind got a small bar~hee~

Outside design~still very nice~

Me and LAo Po~love

Snow 5~Yipee

Our head reflection~hee..Lorra so cute~

Our photo taken in Susan room~hee~

Lorra and Lissa the twins~

5 Snow~

Susan & Lissa~hee~

Jia Ern & Lissa~hee~

Lorra and Jia Ern~ka~

Jia Ern and Susan~hee~

Lorra and Susan~==so mian qiang~SUsan~haha..

Jia Ern and Susan~wa~

Meand Lorra~hee..Now my turn to take jor..Me zi pai with my dslr geh~hee

Me and Susan~wa~

Me and Lissa again~haha~

Me kissing my Lao po..~haha..happy sei~

Me and Jia Ern~hee

LAstly~ we cheer together~
Lorra didn't join~
cuz she drink finish le==Haha~
Wish 5 snow friendship foRever~~~~~


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