eating steambot~

Today is da first time I eat steambot in this 2010 year..
And da first time I eat steambot with my friend..
I was quite happy ler~
Can eat with my dearest friend~Susan~
Although not wif Lorra~
We went for steambot at Johnny's at JJ..
But At first we went for our old high school to take back our spm cert..
It was quite weird when we first go in to that school==
I feel awkward lor~
When we first in the office==
We saw many our teacher~
I can't stop laughing=p
Then I can't wait to go out fast~waka..
After we get our certificate..
We quickly walk out..
And I meet some old friend la..
Now study form6 d..~
But we left to go makan..
Hungry ma~
Get my certificate le~
Then can makan puas-puas le~
At there..
First time eat steambot with friend ma..
Everything have to serve ourself ..
We like what to put how ah..
Kelam kabut like that..
Then later also ok already..
The soup are delicious..
Not bad..
But just the dishes are small..
Still I eat until very full..
We sambil chit chat and makan..
Happy moments~
We eat about 1 hour~
Susan say wan hang gai shop for dress~
But no lor..
What can you buy from Jusco wor..
LAter we went home..
I was totally tired~
when Back home and sleep..zz..
Susan now know many new road le..
Thanks to me:-)

Still I was happy hang out wif you:-)

Susan my dear~hee

The steam and the bubble~haha

"Shou tok" geh prawn~wakak..ready to eat~

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