Dad Back>>

Saturday, April 24, 2010
My dad is finally back..
But I know he is going to India after that..haiz..
Last time at Cambodia~
There da work didn't went well..
And now my dad is back to his old road~
Anyway he is going to India not going to work at the same but same company~
I am so happy to see my dad back here again..
Love my dad..
We just meet each other 2-3 months a while..
Dad bought a china hp for me==haha..
Anyway later we went to have dinner together~
What I thought dad say saturday wan..
Suddenly call us and ask for dinner by today..
No choice lor..
Eat quite happy..
Chat a bit..
After dinner take some photos~
Not always can have photo together..ha..
Later we only hugss and say farewell to my dad..
He is going to India by Sunday..
I hope the work at there went well..
And hope dad can really earn lots of money~
I always know my dad regret because he didn't engineering till graduate..
Now what he hope that we can study hard and don't be like him...
Actually I also hope dad if anything happen please tell us and we always welcome you home geh..
I love you, dad
Gonna really really miss you..........


Funny photo i edit till~hee...


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