A day out with Hazel

Thursday, April 29, 2010
What I doing this week~
Nearly one time out at least spend Rm3o~
Woah..Now a Week spend jor Rm50~Hermm...

Say wan go sungai wang shopping wan~
I wan go there because wan buy some accessories~
And didn't went there Because Susan late sleep~
Lazy early wake up==Kind of..sweat and 无奈 ing~
Ok..Hazel finally reply me~Yes..
So worry her cuz these few days sms her oso didn't reply geh~
Sure sick jor alway sleep~Pity~
But today she finally reply jorTT
We go out together~
She ask me pei her go college take car sticker~
We go to have lunch sin~At shun shun~
talk crap therre..haha..
Desa setapak==parking are damn shyt~
Later went to college~herm..
notice my english communication damn poor~ai ya~
Bla bla bla...
Fail to help my friend certified the offer letter because they need to c the real copy~
Ma fan lur><
After that went home...
hehe..I continue and edit Hazel leng photo..
If not that I thought today wan go shopping whole day..
I won't go drink coffee and make me cannot sleep in the afternoon~
I took hazel photo and didn't edit before..
The photo I edit now is the photo less upload geh..
I feel quite satisfied seeing my result~
Hazel Damn leng lui~~~
Hee..Proud to have her as my friends..
Hope Friend forever dear~hee
Love ya~

Hazel most like this 2~haha

sexy~feel like wanted to eat her jor..haha

Love snow~that's why i put at least one photo woth the snow effect~

woo..lonely feel~hehe

sweet feel~lovely~


The first photo that we took that day~hehe..

cute lar~dear!fall in love jor..hehe

Not the photo I take..but i like the sexy lok and the color~hehe

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