fever craziness + dengue

Thursday, April 08, 2010
I'm fever..
What is this happening to me?
Actually I have totally no idea Why I am sick~@@
Feeling weak...
da first day..
I just sleep whole day..
And vomit twice~
The first time I vomit water + med
The second time I vomit rice..
Feeling not well..
I was not able go work also that day...
Just sleep..zzzzzzzz
When I sleep at night~
Keep waking up in the night..
And actually I feel my leg like very suan~
So suffer...
I wake up early morning at 6:00am something..
Cannot sleep arhg..

Yesterday night cannot sleep..
Now ofcause feel still not comfortable..
But I still feel sleepy..
And mian qiang to eat==
Today was manage to go to work..
Feeling a bit better..
Sick is NOT GOOD!
MAke me SUFFER~!
And I cannot do anything also~

feeling much better..
But sometimes I still feel sudden pain and tired in me..
I was tired..
And feel my breath so suffer..
I don't know why it was like this..
But 2day I got class..
I need to pass my work..
But I have not finish~!@@SHIT!!
I just done one And I still got another wan left..
That I had not even start..
When I start to do..
Kind of suffer..
But I manage to finish...Half..
Today I feel mush better and have better spirit of doing my homework^^
I sleep at 1 today^^

I manage to went to college today to pass my assignment!
And I finally finish it by today morning!
It was a rush~
But I was still feeling not comfortable..
Yesterday I wake up and vomit..
But found out..
Nothing come out..
just some saliva..
Oh my...
my stomach like twisted inside it was so pain...
Today morning I feel that way also..
Feeling like vomit but nothing come out..
When I went to college the feeling just getting stronger stronger..
I really cannot stand..
I walk so long journey out..
I was exhausted and feel like wanted to faint already..@@
But I manage to keep my vomit feeling and back home and vomit with nothing come out..
I sleep whole afternoon..
And eat nothing because I had no appetite..
My mum just feel like nothing..
ask me rest...TT
rest le..

4get what happened==
Didn't online at all lor..
Lazy touch everything..
Stomach still feel not good..
mum still didn't bring me to hospital wor..
no lunch..
no appetite..

feeling sien and lazy arhg..

I thought I feeling ok already..
But actually is NOT!!
My hand is itchy with red spot..
rashes..ish WTF!
My leg too..
when I first shown my mum..
She thought was Dengue..
But When she call her friend..
THen say was not..Ah dui~
Later my body rashes..Is getting more and more...
@@yuck..look disgusting..
But I didn't tell my mum...
I eat my lunch and dinner..hee..
Spiritually I am fine and ok..
After dinner...
I went to see doctor..
+==+and the doctor also didn't check anything and straight away say I kena dengue..

I 'm surprise..
And my mum look worry too..
That day I went home straight and pack my thing..
I feel like crying that time........
Haiz.....I don't want stay hospital lo...
My brother also comfort say dengue only ma..Won't die wan..
==TT...But i scare ma..
I'm afraid of let blood injection all..make me pain ma...TT
That Day My blood pressure was below 100...==
admitted to wad straight away...TT
That night I cry after my mum left..
Feeling lonely and alone ma..
I get back my feeling ready to sleep BUT CAN'T
because of the itchiness..
When i talk to the nurse...
They say wait for the doctor..
OMG...I didn't sleep that whole night.........................
I have to let blood for 3 time a day...
So scare arhg..
And I have to saline drop too..
It so inconvenient when i need to change and when i need to go toilet..
I have to bring the dip together with me==

Whole day in the hospital..
Quite boring..
Manage to read the comic that my brother borrow yesterday..
The Wad is HOT!!
Because of the small fan==
Turn also slow..say the motor of the fan already old..so==
I was sweat at there...
AH dui!!
My mum come around 1pm..
She bring my pants all..
And My menses is coming when I admitted to wad..
I ask my mum to help me in my bath,,TT
so inconvenient ler...But I manage to bath that day...
ANd change...herm==
Seem like bath for me is a hard action already..
After that my mum stay there for a few hours and she left..
She was tired because didn't sleep and worry about me lor..
But she was waffling about that and this before she left..
I just know she was about me..
Ok lar...I will d lar..
LAter she left I was alone again..
Got chit chat a bit with other patient...
The food there actually was quite nice lar..
Except for the bread there==hard like hell
And only I notice that they are many people admitted to hospital because of dengue..
Today I have to let blood for 3 times..
It was a Indian doctor...
Beside my left is a patient who having dengue for the fourth day..
Woah..her blood was nearly dry?~haha..
Because the doctor cannot get blood from her vine..
So have to change place and let blood..walao..
pain wor..
Later that night I was able to sleep..
Although not very nice to sleep bUt i manage to..

Today morning the doctor say i can out from here!!!
YOH!!I was happy lor...
But still they let blood me 2 times..==TT
From till afternoon the doctor also didn't say about that again..
But after he let blood and go test again...
My blood pressure was high again..!!yeah..
Then only he tell I can be discharge today le!!haha..
Me was so happy..
Quickly I tell my friends and my mum..Haha..
I waited for so long my mum reached by 5==
I go and change only I went back~~~
Eat dinner outside!!!!
ARHG my leg is still cover with rashes ler...so big spot tim==
Ugly dou sei...

Today was 8.4.2010!!!
And my leg still got rashes==
ugly spot ah==
WHen it will dissappear ler!!!

My hand withe saline drop..
when It backflow..
The blood will come out..
And the thing will turn red with blood==yuck~hate seeing my blood so many come out~~!!

The wad No 23~

My hand after the saline drop out from my hand...
My hand is swollen because I didn't actually move my hand when I saline drop==haha..
Swollen like hell ler..
No energy to do thing with my right hand!!
2day that place and the place I let blood is in blue black!!HATE!

The place they pump my blood pressure..==
with scar!!==
How bad they pump until like that!
Until 2day the scar is still there!!

Me is ready to be discharge!!

My name...haha..

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