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Friday, April 30, 2010
2day went out have lunch..~
at first I thought go Feeling~
But then Susan change mind want go Wangsa walk..Haiz...
But is ok la~I can cop with it wan..haha..
But I make her wait quite long d==haha
Later when I just sit inside her car..
Started rain already..quite heavy also..==Ah dui~
luckily got keep the cloths..
We eat Little wok at Wangsa walk..hee..
Quite nice~I think nicer than last time I come lor==
Susan very hungry jor tim~
But i quite full geh because eat breakfast at 10:30~Now just 12:30~Hrmmm..
Susan like eat 炒果条 but i like 滑蛋河~
But in english is Fried kuey teow and Cantonese kuey teow..Haha..
Susan eat till quite susah geh==haha..and spicy too..
So me very good change with her lor..
After lunch~Go walk a while...find my 高腰裤 got sell!!OMG..
I wanted to buy..find for it so long le==
And Susan pulak wan sing k~But...I know there sing k not good..But We go sing also~haha..
Fun and tired lorr..haha..
Very fast then sien already..3 hours ler..
Hear some nice song~haha
Notice one thing!
woah~good news==but is TGV wor...haha..NVM geh!!
Next time can come here watch jor..hehe//
LAter went back...
Still keep rain can't stop turn heavily rain also~Scary ya~haha
==Rain 55 stop==haha..

my driving license..it sucks.. I feel kinda bad when people ask about it.. What should I answer...? That I have driving license but scare to drive a manual car? That i am a coward?Feel useless.. Like Nothing In my life I do everything well and sucess.. Friends around drive their own car make me feel more 自卑 and stupid.. I guess nobody know how much I wanted to drive..
You won't understand want lar..Because You didn't drive also...
hurt me lor...haiz..ya i know I am stupid
You dare drive during rain and thunder ma? erm..Not dare or not..I can drive o not..?

OMG..feel stupid and stupider.. College going to start son and I still need to walk and take bus...haiz..... dad struggle from work..I also didn't expect from him geh~ So I am just a loser and USELESS person only

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