JIa Ern's wonderful 19thBirthday

Today is Jia Ern 19th birthday~
haha..I admit..I really 4get is her birthday already==SORRY~~!!
But luckily Lorra remind and we wanted to celebrate her birthday together~!hee..
I kind I of late~Because of the bus==LAla..
MAnage to reach and we bought her present at SnJ..haha
Later we went to secret recipe and..==
Ah dui~Just we 5 people need eat so big geh cake o not..haiz..I just know..
But we just buy ONE slice of cake..
Jia Ern favourite Lemon Cheese cake~haha..
Hee..I think quite weird buy one slice cake for birthday~haha~
Later we let Jia Ern to decide to go where eat..haha..
And We choose Mr tepanyaki~
At there we chat crazy stuff~
Long time didn't see Jia Ern~
The food there are quite delicious~haha..LOVE it~
Later Jia Ern have to leave early~
We four continue and shop~
And I manage to Buy RM 10 sandal~at Vincci~haha~LOVE it~
Happy day for me..Hee..
MAy u happy always~
Friendship forever~
Love you forever~haha

She is reading the birthday card..hee~

The birthday card and our drinks~

The miso soup..nice~

Jia Ern's cake~heehee

She is wishing a wish~..
Wish quite long nia~haha..

Our fork on da cake~haha

Jia Ern eating the 1st spoon~hehe

The cake looks like after we 5 each eat one spoon~haha

Lorra like zhao qien po ler~haha..
Lorra~eating ice cream twist~

My ice-cream twist~susan holding~haha

My birthday is da next

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