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Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Today I went for a movie with Pamela..
Not like other kind movie~
It is ice kacang puppy love~
A Malaysian movie~ by Aniu~

You can go their website to know more about them~yeepee!
I really really really wanted to watch this movie~
It feel great~
I am not sure what is the feeling about but I just I'm gonna watch it~Support it~!
We reach there around 12pm..
At first we thinking watch at time square..
But Pamela went there and found out the cinema didn't released this movie==
Then we decide to went for Pavilion..
Sure it is..
Saw the sky were like going to rain but didn't rain..
Pamela manage to buy 2:00pm ticket~
So happy~
We went to lunch at pepper rice house~
Haha..but soon we found out there a lo of delicous food at the food court and they have more variety~hahaz..
Time pass..
After lunch we went for shop around..
But didn't buy any things==
Guess things there are expensive..
And What can say is the place who have more people is the Food Court==haha..
We went to canon..
I LOVE the clothing there
SO nice~but i have no moneyTTduh!!
X puas lor!!!
Later we went early to the cinema..
And lepak around there..
่‘‰ๅ•2 and Ironman2 is going to released NEXT WEEK!!
Can't wait to watch lur~~
BAck to the movie~~!!
What can I say way to superb!!!~~~
It was touching and funny and cute and shy..
Really can feel the old times..the kampung times..
Aniu really present this movie in a way natural way..
And is feel great..The feeling is there..
Cry twice...because of that 2 main character lor..
I mumble there..Cry enough not wor..If like that I don't know when can I stop crying lorr..hee..
Really lar..I try hard not to cry so hard..
But that feeling really touch me..
Especially when A couple that love each other cannot be together have to separate..
Herm..First Love ah..
I think both of them really have feeling wan..
Just they keep it but show it through action already..haha..
Anyway nice movie~ I rank for 100%!hehe
Wish for more Aniu work~
After the movie.. eye ah..haha..
We walk back to klcc to take LRt and back home~
I think is a tiring day and of cause A WONDERFUL and A MEANINGFUL day for me~

Tinkerbell land~hee..cute and pretty~

Love this small cute canon old camera~hehe

Me and pamela~

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