Pc fair

Today went to pc fair with my friends~
This is da first time I went..
Actually i was just aim for a pen drive and maybe some nice photoshot~
But when i reach and saw the stuff..
The things I want start to increase..
The stuff are vey cheap~haha..
Still some are expensive..
But the price will soon drop~woah~
The place i enormous..~haha..
There is 3 hall I guess..
We walk there for 2 hours..
And the people there like people mountain people sea like tat~(hahaz)
Walk also difficult~==
Until leg also very pain..==
Wanna to chop off d..
I saw kevin and ginny too~at there~haha..
Continue to walk..
Budget no enough!!
But i manage to buy a 4gb pen drive sold RM29~
Small geh and cute wan~black and red~
Borrow money from Chee Seng too~~
Thank you~
After that really cannot stand hurry home~
we ate at cold storage~
Eating Hot and roll~haha..
Later went back..
Tired lOR!!haha
but happy is more important!

cute game..i like~

the left is Dion..right is Chee Seng~

Celcom broadband~


Doodolls~the cupido and cupipi~cute!

nice banner~

Razer~on9 game I think~

The kapery gt many booth lo~haha~jackie chan..
Hall5 geh~

==the price are cheap~what~!750GB cost 2 hundred something only==

camera handphone~yo!

LEng luis model~

streamyx leng luis~


airplane girls~
avira girls~

kimono girls~

At last chee seng fried rice~hahaha..
And he go buy another wan==

The end

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