puppy again!

the puppy below my apartment..
Now they are gone because...
They have been gie to other peopleTT
Hope they survive and live long life~TT
gonna miss them..
Because they are so damn cute~
After pc fair..
my friend go to my house and saw them..
She wanted to take one of them home..
But her mum don't let..
The puppy still need their mother milk i think~
Anyway gonna miss them~

Keep biting because of their teeth just grow~
The black puppy didn't cry pain~haha

Finally i get to c the black puppy~
the biggest and the cutest of all~hahaz~

Lazy dog lazy to wake up..
But his bro bite him..
He keep make the wuwu sound..~

continue biting~haha~

cute!the lazy sleeping wan~

OMG~stuck there..I manage to save im out~heehee

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