Thursday, April 08, 2010
When I back from the wad..
Straight there is a V-award exhibition coming on..
It is our final assignment for color studies==
But I have been sick for one whole week..
Didn't able to help my friend out==
But this V-award is getting well done..
everything is so perfect~haha..
Happy lor..
Tired within this 2 days..

My group member==
with the stupid look~haha

wj wearing it look so 小女人lo~hehe

Sj so cute~hee

The V logo~very yeng lor~haha

The booth beside our booth~crystal~

The sand art gallery~hee..starry night!

The twister game?haha..4get name arhg

Booth that teach us how to make rose~i make it~hee..

Trista is playing the color gradient~hee//don't open leg so big lar!

The card game by our class~hee

the gradient by Trista~still she got wrong a bit~

The painting ball booth~

Our colorful book mark~nice in color lo~hee

The doodolls booth~very nice and cute the doodolls~i love it~

Hazel booth~hee

Cupcake chic~hee

The fashion Gothic booth~hee

The big apple booth~

Ah niu singing 对面的女孩看过来~

ah niu talking about his movie~

Ah niu say she look like his sister~haha

he is 访问a student~ me senior ler..haha

This guy want to marry rich~haha

Ah niu singing the 主题曲~quite nice~

Ah niu is talking~

Trista and me in kimono~haa

kolian hazel need to stand so long in high heels~

fashion student~acting cool~they are cool ler~

Sean ..hazel..Why yuen shiong is there?~haha

Leng zai and leng lui~so padan~jealous~

me and hazel~she so soft to hug~ah~love her~

Me and dear Trista~hee..our card..
The cib gong zai~and kimonos~~~haha

the lolitas~~haha
they are so pretty~
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