crazy Church and me

My church renovation~~
Hope is going to be done~
and we can move in by JUNE~!!(my birthday month==)reaalllY hope so~
That footprints can Have a neW plaCe to use~wakaka..

the outside~

the lift~there are going to have lift~but just for the oldist~

smoke packet inside the church~!!==

the hand design nice oh~

the staircase~haha

aherm..the powerfun place and FOOTPRINTS~

the PA room~big ah~

the committe~haha

aircond total=8~!

the stage view~

finally the main hall~!!BIG and HIGH~~!!nice wei~

halo..I am gan wei xiang~~haha..peace pose~paiseh still dunno how do peace~haha

my girl pose~wahaha

LOVE tis~haha

Thong wai Khee and me~haha..Justin~~woha..
Happy day~
at church help wai khee sell ticket for LUNCH PROJECT~waka..

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