Design design And FASHION DESIGN~!

Friday, May 21, 2010
What I am doing these few dayss~!!!
YEar 2 sem 1 has start==
I am stayin home..
My mum also keep say me~
Until I sien~!
Recently I am interested in online shopping~
An when i saw all the cloths~o0o
I can't stop it~
And FINALLY i decide Why don'T I learN to do~
So i go learn design all and how to do cloTHs~
From my father 2nd wife~~
I can't wait To do a cloths~!!
BElow is The phoTo I have been draw for 2 days~~
And Now need learn draw the cloths le ba~~
I stiLL need Go there latER~!

I draw this for 2-3 hours==~hehe

This~i start to improved just draw few piece than ok le~hehe

I start to put on my design on them^^hee
the left wan~is the shirt that I want to do for myself~
But I don' like the ribbon ah~she added for me~hee

I also design for my BFF~!hehe
left:i modify a bit~take away the ribbon~
right: for my dear Lorra~a apple green dinner dress~

my design~==i think not very special la~haha
Just I like this kind of design ma~hehe

I wanted a jean vest ah~so i decide do my own la==hee~


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  1. lol~my mum oso noe how to make cloths..but i never learn from her >.< wat a waste!!so u learn to scatch the cloth?not bad~good try^^

  2. so nice...i wan learn oso leh...

  3. happy wind:you now learn also not late ler><hee..sketch lor now..I now also just gai cloths only~add some preetty stuff on old cloths lidat lor..
    pamela:come come i teach^^hehe