Happy Mother's day P1

happY mother's day~
sorry late update cuz these few days bz sei me ah~
now just upload photo~
just enjoy it~
I love You mum~
You are my angel..
My supporter..
My shield..
My protecter..
I feel safe when I around you..

My mum have been raise both of us me and my bro alone by HERSELF for 13 years~
I really appreciate her and feel thankful that she teach us with love and patient..
I know sometimes situation is hard for her..
But my mum she is a SUPERWOMAN..
She can overcome it and will OVERCOME it because of US!

Sometimes when we fight and argue...
We will both cry and huGss together..
Sometimes we will even hate each other..
Because Are anGry aT each Other..
SometImes my mum really knows me mucH..
My emotiOn all really cannoT escaPE frOm her eyes..

LOVE mY mum so so so so much...
I really don't know how to thanks her..
Because she is the greatest mum of all..

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