Happy Mother's day P2

Monday, May 10, 2010
I wanted this all lots of photo for 4 days==duh~
waste my time..
But aT lasT i maNAge to upload FinisH~!!
These are the photos that we take during the mOther's day SpeciAl^^hee..
Happy to go such nice plaCe and taKe some Nice phoTo from thEre..
AlthouGh the food Are just Nice>>>>
but The view and feel is Very gOod~hee..

HAppY mumMY day..
HapPy forever..
Leng lui forever..
healThy forever..
Young forever..

the seats~^^

the seashell inside each of the table outside~

the candu thing~haha..for smoke..

the outside building deco~

there is a cyber cafe here~!interesting~haha

pretty chair^^hehe

the inside seat still they have seat on the ground wan but i din take pic~

nice bowl~wakaka

cooking beef~western foodo0o

the name of the restaurant==hehe~

the menu~haha

the inside deco~

the toilet~haha..gt the 50's 60's style~

looking stupid~haha

act cute me~hahaha

red light~

not sure what is this but got smell come out from here geh~hee

the green light~hee

d cat~haha..touch by my mum fren geh fren children~haha

this is auntie Cindy that bring us and belanja us wan~thank you

her daughter~

my mum posing #1

my mum posing #2

the pattern of this cat is very nice~

my mum posing #4

kampung style road~feel~

my mum posing #5~

there are persian cats there~all are very cute~hehe

the door~nice feel

night inside feel~hee

my sizzling beef~hee

cute girl~

inside night feel~hee

outside night feel~

the gate..o0ohaha

the weird coconut..is it ah~?

our seats~

mum posing#6

the mat~inside seat too~

night feel~
The place are nice man~
And is was so near my place
But we didn't notice it==duh
opposite the chung hwa high school~woah~
Next time come again~
LAter cause the food here not full enough..
we went to second round nearby~
After that full full jor only back home~
Thank you auntie Cindy
Thank You mummy
You all are the BEST

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