Inti BEauty ExPo

Went to beauty expo with pamela dear~
Gt to c a lots of beauty stuff~haha
ANd we spend money on it too==
Now oso pooR alreadY~sHYT~!
BUt there is quite fun~
We get a lot of free stuff==haha~
Free do hair stylIng~
free dO nail~
fRee draw cai hui on our hand~
Actually You do outside there can cost RM50 and above wan~
But what we do here free just MinOR thing~
Because after That when You wash iT~
we BEcome a Normal girl jor~
I quite like The stuff there~
But I got no $$~!!
the Facial Roduct make up things~
From other CoUntry wan~
They don't HAve shoP in MAlaysIA~
And during this fair things usuAlly got DISCOUNT~!
But i quite happy went to this FAir~
and Pamela has went there TWICE~!
But i didn't because NO MONEY LAR~
LAter we Still Got practICe at Euro Sense~
quite rush~
BAck home already 8:30pm~!!
And then I very ZI LIAN WAN~
keep take photo until 10 something only bath==haha
SAMPAT nia~~
tired lor==
leg pain~haha

the hair model dunno with who~xDD

ah pamela doing curl~

tatoo ler...

teacher niu er kang~

make up ma~FREE geh ma~?hee

BB creamsss~

nice photo~

clay mask nia~

the pink room where i done My FOC nail~
it was so preetyy and professionally done~!
done by a GUY ler...
I say I didn't done before ma~
so HE do a very nice nail for me..
My one nail i don for 30-40 min lo~hehe

the nail design~
I got take the nearer photo wan~
But after I take jor they say cannot take so I didn't post out lor~

My nail~

the acrylic nia~

my finish done nail~hehe

nice background~


the drawing body art is from TAIWAN~
taiwan girls are pretty~
And their slanks is quite different also~hehe


drawing on pamela hand~

my hand~i take these kind fof photo so difficult lor..
take the dslr using my LEFT HAND==
haha..luckily the effect quite good nia~

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