Footprints Lunch Project

Monday, May 17, 2010
Here comes again~
The Footprints lunch project~
We have been held for 2 years till now~
This time lunch project you can say quite messy~
And many times we been scold by Auntie Grace..
She say this time she is very angry with us..
I am just a rice crew also kena marah lor...
Hey who the packing crew~!
But anyway the sales is good~haha
And there is still many rice left==
And we footprint just take and eat==
Some pack home too~
Ah dui~
Nobody pay~!?
me also==heherm..
And then I left early that time~!
Tired lor...
haiz~yesterday 12:30am sleep
Today 7 am wake up==
I went back at 2:00pm~
I know they clean up all later~!
Sorry guyss~hee...
Anyway below is the photo I took~
Just I took the photo also kena marah geh==because I just took photo wor==haiz~

The chicken~

Drinks~there are a few beatiful photo with pamela that i took~

This is how the chicken look before kena goreng~hehe

the rice packet~

the sauce chicken and tomyam~

the ice kacang~hee..first time we DO~!SUCCESS~!

The agar-agar~haha

The chicken that has been fried~yummy~!

Pamela and Sze min~dunno why the light like tat~==

The drinks~^^

ICe kacang~:-)

Putting the brown sugar~niCE and deliscious~^^

CUTE benidict ah~hee

He totally like to take photo wan~!Handsome sure when he turn big~

The line is long==haha~good!good~

Putting the sauce~


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