Pipit Wonderful Market IV

Sunday, May 16, 2010
yup..going out today again~Yipee..
at first I thought morning maybe I will go out with dear Hazel..
How I know~she is sick again~
Seem like there is no fate when I wanna photo of her again..HAiz..
Anyway I went out again With Pamela dear..
I just know we went to Pasar Seni..When we went there...Hermm..
There was soooooo many people there@@Woah~
Last time I went there also not this many~
Want to go in there also difficult ler..
Mountain people Mountain sea~haha..
There are 2 exhibition in Annexee Gallery..
One is Pipit exhibition
One is Aids~
The pipit exhibition~
There were all talented people there~
Selling their handmade product~
such as,
there was sooo many as you all can see below the photos~~
My hand are actually quite ictchy~
I bring total RM60 and I waste there about RM59.40==
one hairband = RM25(nice and preetty~I fell in love when I saw it~!o0o)
necklace = RM 17(love locket with a key~)
lunch = RM5.90+ RM5.90 = RM11.80(Pam dear no money dy i borrow her money too~)Transport = RM2.30 + RM2.30 + RM1.00
total = RM59.40~~@@
I didn't think of wasting money at that place~
I didn't know they are selling things there~!T
TBut what I can say the things there are so preety and cute..
Everything they do they it so precisely and so creatively..
I was so impressed with them..
They are good in doing things their own and selling them~
HaPPY daY~!!!
Later we take some crazy photos in the Aids exhibition~
Cause they say wanted to archive dunno how many thousand photo for this exhibition~!
The photo are so cool~haha...
I was very happy today~
Thank you Pam~haha..
For bringing me and let me 大开眼界~haha..~

The aids~

how they do their T-shirt~!
1. They put the color 1st~

2. They start to push the color to the t-shirt~

3. continue..

4. Finish~that was so cool>~

The beanpit counter~so nice and CUTE!!

the ribbon bow~I LOVE it~but din buyTT

The pillows~~OMG~cute gah~

The producer~hehe~

Pamela dearxD

camerass~~LOVE it~old fashion style but they still can b use~!


chiwawa ~

doraemon in socks~kawaii~!!

Miss ireen handmade~nice~~!!

the hairband i bought IT~!!

cupcakes from there too~!

cute their eye~~!

plaster girl~hee

do it with recycle stuff~yeng!~~

bagss with ribbon cute nia~

dolls cloth~hehe


this is a purse arr..do YOU believe it~

the stairs are high~kinda scary==

the coffee and sandwich==expensive duh~but SMELL GOOD nia~

Crazy photo~!

he say he look cute==haha

the LIft~!

When the time we back...
The new Lrt was broke down==
Thanks to pam mouth~hahaha
Because at first we miss the 1st time~
But second time the door open again and quickly we went in==
And only we know the Lrt rosak~~
And we waited outside for around 20min i guess~haha..
Only we get to another Lrt..
And what lucky are we..We saw our lecturer...
Which I don't like him at all..duh==
Think of what he done to me!!!
but the funny thing is....
We all went on laughing like hell when we saw him..
I saw him first want la==
Pam quickly hide herself tim==also dunno why her~
and stupid Eugene call NG CHEE FONG and turn back at us after he shouted his name~~
Then sure Mr Ng look back at us trying to look who calling him wan ma~~
Walao...scary larrr~~~==
keep on laughing and laughing..
I thinking about it also will laugh~shyT la~
LAter we reached Wangsa Maju..
Mr Ng finally saw me and then us~!
We manage to say Hi to him`haha==
Then I continue to churchTThaiz~
tiring and sweaty~~
I nearly 9pm only reach home and on9TT
sleep early ~
Tomorrow need wake up at 7AM!!!Night guys~~

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