sing K + many many pl@ce$!

Thursday, May 06, 2010
todaY me and pamela went to sing k at laoyat redbox~wakaka..
We sing for 3 hours there..
from 11 to 2pm!!Syok ah~~
BUt when We Eat and siNg k iN a saMe Time hor...
I Don't like lor...==Haha...But stIll I enJoy it~muahaha...
WHen is aLreaDY pass 2...
The Machine there didn't stoP us from From singing Wor..
quIte weird ga..
But We oso zhAo yan sIn la..haha...
We went manY placeS today..
Woah...from LAoyat to suNgai Wang//
From SUngai waNg go Lot 10..
Lot 10 stuff duh!totally cannot buy wan!!~expensive dou~~
From Lot 10 meet from crazy PeoplE funny pEople~haha..
LAter we went to Pavillion Too~
LAter frOm pavilion we walk To KLCC..~
And then only back home...
LEg oso pain lor..
walK so long distance,,,haha..
ANyway another happy day fer me~wahaha..

me and pamela inside the toilet wei~haha

blue mic is I use wan yellow is pamela~hee

Funny doll outside sungai wang~~
wossh~~ niao niao~haha

Pamela wanted to eat some dessert~expensive lor..and small bowl==

rojak song counter~hee..
pamela send song~everyone go click ya~~~

The guys who work there~haha..roti canai man~

me and pamela~i love the lightning~

Outside lot ten~
the security there don't let people take photo wan ler==

Tiger outside pavilion geh~
so yeng ler..haha

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