cakes and babes~~!

Sunday, July 04, 2010
I'm back the second time here^^
here are my photos taken on my birthday week^^

27.6.10@ Suria Ktv

me and my dear Lorra^^

blur sai~T-T

she so cute nia~xD

why you~~cannot see my face le la~~~T-T

Susan sing till so lam waxD

me and lao po dear^^

me one finger she five finger^^haha

You're the Inspiration^^

Lorra BAOBEI!!blur againT-T

me with mic~yo hair lun saixD

MUACKKKK~~~xDlove you lao po~~

holding my lao po hand nia~~xDshy nia~

Lorra hand^^friends forever~~~~~~~~

YEnG DOU~~i edit dou la^^xD

come on come on babe^^XD

sweet couple le~xDxDhahaha

ugly leg~xD
Michelle wong and ruby tan^^

Me and michelle dear^^xD

me and aaron~my kai di^^

present from Michelle^^xD

ah duii~~sor po Michlee^^xD

Leng zai joshua don't want let me take poto lo!!!say hair still short~==+

from left:fong mei, Irene, Michelle Tan and Michelle Wong

Joel gan~yo do you know how to play the bass or not~??hahaXD

me and Michelle Tan^^

Me in pamela car go to makan at Johnnys but ended up at the Old Town at business Park~


My birthday cake~one piece oly~^^haha
chocolates and cheese^^

eaten half already fullT-T

Princess sharon^^hahahahah~

ai yoyo~susan feed me nia~shy dou~aha

me and Lorra baobei again~~

she keep pressing fon^^xDhaha~
and I keep posing~haha

haha~funny douxDlove LORRA BABE

Lorra handphone^^~haha

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  1. still rmb me???ha
    seen u r happy after gt nw college friends rite???ha
    加油 4 ur life~~~hohoho~dun forget visit me~~~~bye