Full House Madneesss

I finally reached to this place~!!
FULL HOUSE at jalan Yap Kuan Seng there~
I was so happy ler~
this place was so awesome~
Was so nicely decorate oh~
I can't stop taking photograph oh~
It was so fun~hehe..
People You must come~~!!

There got sells cloths and accessories d o ..

bath tub~cute ah!

The menu ~

Outside design wa>

The car is so antique~cute~

our mushroom soup~hee

small plant on the table ya~

salmon ooo~~looks delicious ah

My Cabonara Spaghetti hehe~

place for shower~??hehe

I love the lighting all ~yeng ahh!

eric and Irene~hehe

Pamela take for me wanxDhehe~

haha~looks stupid lee~hee

wat pamela thinking ah~??hee

In the car o^^

PAMELA take wan~with the small cooper^^hee

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