A letter to Dad

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dear Dad,

Still remember when you came back during Chinese New Year tat time..
We eat dinner together..
That time without you knowing Dad
I already figure that something went wrong between you and your gf..
Just that time I didn't say it out and asked..
Dad how long have you been left us..left this home..
I miss you each time when I think of you..
Sometimes I even blame you why do you left us..
Why dad wanna treat us like that..
But somehow I didn't hope to know..
But just continue to be grateful that You are still with us although we are been live apart..
Dad don't worry too much about us..
Instead work hard and take care yourself there..
People around me will feel weird why I can still act like nothing and forgive my dad being like tat..
I dunno know dad..
Maybe is just because I love You..
No matter what happen You are my dearest dad as well..
You still got us Dad..
We wil always welcome you home dad..
I really hope dad can faster back to Malaysia~
Feel so pity with dad life over there~
But do remember us Dad..
I know Dad was the best after all..
So dad I will be waiting you back to us~
Lots of LOVE and CARE

From,Your beloved daughter,Sharon

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