Updated ^-^

I wanted to write this long ago..but i din manage too..Haiz...
What The..
Mata tak boleh tengok...
The pain came back...
Make me thinking of him..
her attitude and action make me thinking of the pain that he done to me..
==Is it that..
We are not remember of him because YOU LOVE HIM MOST
but because HE HURT YOU MOST
I really hate this kind of situation~???
What kind of situation is that~??

Can someone show some respect of themselff~???
especially to girls..
I been hurt so badly that is still so cleaarr the pain inside me oh..
But I know that is pass d le...
SO...is ok le lo~
But I won do that mistake repeat again..
I'm not Preetty
I'm not tat Confident
When can I meet someone that is Truly Love Me..
Mean Time I am not thinking about that..
I'm still not ready for d..

tired ahhh..pls lo...
yesterday watch jor SALT
At wangsa walk 10:15
with pamela dear..
Kinda fun cuz not always got chance to watch movie at night d ^^
Our seat is in front
The most front I mean==haha~
But do expected the unexpected when you watch this movie xD
A nice movie ya~
Angelina Jolie is so sexyy ya~~!

The drama i now bou gan is THIS~~
NiE dou BOOM ahh~!!
I cant watching it looo~~
So better you guys 55 go watch oso~~hehe^6

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