Tuesday, December 07, 2010
Long time didn't update my blog~
I'm back~
still living a busy lifestyle~
But are meaningful~^^
Let's get started

One day, I was drop by a small shop.
Thinking is it a shop....?

The shop was decorated mostly in white except for the yellow flower on the desk and the photo on the wall.

The sofa was so comfortable as I expected~<3

Woah! I arrived small shop with cute decorated things inside.

Just by the look at the door, I can see that the things inside the shop was very nice~^^

Welcome to the Cute Bear Toys!

The bears & the toys are so adorable!

I came to a sushi shop after that. I can feel that something different with this shop~HOHO

I order a soup mee and it is delicious!~

The kitchen is outdoor so that we can see how things going in the kitchen!

The menu were put up on the wall of the shop~

The sushi seem delicious~~!yummy~

Is this wedding bridal shop~??NICE<3

What a comfy chair~

Another teddy shop! Can't wait to see what sell inside~

Different color of bears are put in this small shelf~so CUTE!!

Some are in the middle of the table~

A small cute teddy was at the window as if is waiting someone to take him back~

Handmade choco's House?? Chocolates?? I love it~

I saw many chocolates~~~0.0!!!

MORE chocolatetosss~~

Place they cook da chocolates?

2 comfortable sofa seats for us t taste the chocolates + a cup of chocolates~~SMOOTHIES!!

A small cafe just beside<3

Looks like this cafe is decorated nicely~^^

The price seem affordable too!!

YUMMY~the food and the desserts are fabulous!!

Outdoor seems to be a nice choice of having a time of HIGH tea~~^^

COFFEE + SOFA = A wonderful evening of HIGH TEA <3

A book shop perhaps???


Place for a cup of tea~Cute things are sold here!!


OpppSS~ Alien's Sationnary?

Colours paper are sold here~

Photocopy machine~

hmmm..nice place for me~ Thirsty man~

The pot is an antique one~haha

A comfortable place for rest and drinking liong cha <3


Ice cream is selling here ~<3

The counter was cutely decorated~

hmmm...what flavor should I choose??

Time to eat my ice cream <3

Banana Spilt~??My all time favourite~^__________^

A nail medicare center~

A fashion shop!???

The clothes & the shoe are soo cute <3

seem like I'm having lots of fun for going so many interesting place!!
tired lurrr

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