Tuesday, December 14, 2010
back again=)
D.I.M stands for= Do it Myself
hope you all enjoy=) feel free to leave comment oso worr~hee
much appreciate ^^
The bags are all made with jeans ya~
many of ppl just throw it away or give it to ppl..
This idea eventually come from my DEAR mum,
I just do mostly~
Guide by my aunt=)

The 3rd bag i do~
use oni less than 1 week den gao dim~

front design~

Back pocket design~quite cute geh worr~

The handle i took it from my mum other bag that she dun wan geh~
This bag is for my MUM geh~ heee

inside still got a small cute pocket~
But my mum say to small liao~oppss..sorry

cute ribbon ya~ i made it~<3
suppose it stick on a clip wan~havent buy =(

small red flower xD

The first bag i do~~haha..
i take it quite a long time to finish it== haha..
But luckily comes out nice fu waaa...

the small ribbon on the strip there~like it oso~ I LOVE ribbon waaa

The 2nd bag i do~use only less than 1 week den gao dim le>.<

My idea oso~~ make it like 2 tong geh~heee..
this red cloth very nice fuuu~
We use finish it for this bag liao~ T~T

the badgee~put on the shirt~ i made it~
but idea from my aunt~~

just don wan make the bag looks boring~
tat why we add thiss~~
Do it badge so that we can put on the bag or the shirt^^

chang chang~
come out this result~~

Cute fu~~this is a "PAO PAO" skirt~
done for years ago~
Then now i continue to do finish it~~
LOVE it~~~

cute xiu zi baa~heee..
Mostly this kind of lipat i'm not so kno how to sew geh lo~~
My aunt help me a lot~~~
arigator gozaimasu~~

This is actually is wear during funeral an ah..
the white shirt???
Just pop out some idea den i started to dim to this shirt~~
the design my aunt give quite lotsss~
this is the colorrr line...
got 5-6 color i think~~
so when it sew on the plain white shirt it become a new design!! <3

i must admit~
this is hard to sew==
bcuz is a t-shirt material it got elastic wan~
soooo it is harddd~~
plus the sewing machine at my aunt house is not meant for t-shirt~~
so mostly i use manually the machine to sew==
but later oni i kno i done something wrong tat why i cannot sew it autolly lo!!!==+

The back design waaahh~~just very simple oni^^

the front design~
actually is a one shoulder low shirt geh~
inside can wear one more singlet den can jo ^^

It is a hectic time when i need rush all this work in 2 -3 weeks timee~~
i usually back home by 11 or 12am tat time==
Now my aunt say wan move housee!! tat's why i keep rushiing all thesee!!
So much thank you for my aunt for teaching me supply the material for meee~~~
LOVE you!! heee..
And my mum as well for giving my idea using jeans !~~
I will continue to do these geh!!

ps**my mum keep help me make business with this==
i still got 2 more bagss for my 2 aunt!!!0.0



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