Birthday Party ^^

Today is Blue and Green snow birthday~
I had plan a party just for them~
I am very happy because this plan went very well~=)
Many has shown at their party as well~^^
Lucky I havent QUN BO this party also~hahaha...
I ask many questio about what they like also xD

We plan to meet at 2:30pm at their house there~
But somehow
don't know whether i have act too nervouse or wat..==+
I forgotten to bring my dslr battery~
So luckily i ask Susan to fetch me home and take==
Erm..i get the twins mum number when i look through Green snow handphone==
hahaha xD
And her mum number quiet easy to remember as well=)
We reach their house about 2:40pm~
Shiang Yuan stil havent arrived~
Because she has to rush from Pudu~
She say got jam somemore~
Mean time I still sms with my dear Green Snow tim~

You bak hum already??
haven't pei my mum wait her slow loh..don't know my mum de friend drive wat car..turtle car ma?

OMG==+ laugh dou me like crazy!!
Actually she was saying us~
But we already reach le waiting for Shiang Yuan!!!
hahahaha..funny sei me~ xD
She keep complaint say very hungry liao~
But still need pei her mum wait for "Her Friend"
At first I thought their mum told them about us d!?
But is not la..
Their mum still keep as a secret xD
Thank ya!!
After 30min later only Shiang Yuan arrived~
So we went in lo~
They are surprise to see us here..
And look like they are angry with us~
But anyway we sang birthday song to them~
The cake and food are very delicious~
Thanks Poh Wen for the cake~
Thanks twin's mum for the cooking~
I'm having a happy day as well =)
This plan going so well ^^
I feel proud of myself too~
I know they are happy as well~~
Thanks for my other friend who help and attend their party ya ^^
After the day we start a new group as our friendship~

*Now i realise facebook is gonna to close by March~
Then all our group also have to close jo!?
NO LER!!!!haizz~~~

The twins with their birthday cake ^^

The twins and their mum ^^

The cute little twins~^^

Blue snow and friends ^^

Green snow and friend~ ^^

Me and twins ^^


5 SNOWs!!!!

I love this photo very much~
Thx Shiang Yuan help us to take xD

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