Exam geeks~ xD

Exam is 2moro~
Oh gosh~
Long time don't have this exam feel ler~
Moral dan Etika~
what kind subject d wor==
When i study all~
Moral is just like our life style
We need all the etika,prinsip~
Some more bentuk and moral dimensi!??
What this.......moral also got dimensi wan lorrr
Really don't understand with the kerajaan wan us to study this for!?
So many teori teori and when they explain like 钻牛角尖 like tat~
Cannot explain more directly d meh~?
When I study till 3 ayat...
is like gabungan of the ayat 1 dan 2...
Ah dui~~
Getting headache liao~~
Need + u +u lo!!!

*wan do my pass year question liaooo~~!!LOL!!!

Pls God let me have the determination to study my exam'ss!!!
4 more dayss!!!

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