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Friday, March 18, 2011 in
OFF to Kampar,Perak with Green and Blue Snow~
We are attending a fwen wedding there~
Tonight will be having A wedding Buffet party at her house~

We are being fetch by her friend from Wangsa Maju LRT~

When I first sit his car~
His car Toyota EStima!!
(My future husband should have this car!!for real xD)
I know that this guy are RICH!!seriously!!xD
He and his wife are very friendly as well

The atmosphere inside the car was relax
he weather along the journey was BAD!!!

There was rain
Then it stop After thet it's rain again~
It continue like this~
Until we reached there
There was RAIN as well~
We are also able to sleep in the car as well~ Haha..
Feel quite HANG FOK!!
Because can go on a trip and sleep with DA TWINS d!!haha

We reached there by 7:30pm

There was a lot of people there already

We met back our High School fwen

She say she was studying at UTAR

We chit chat a lot~

It was very fun as well~

We eat and chit chating and taking some funny photos!!
Finally we got the chance to chat with our fren as well

About this whole SUDDENLY wedding thing!!
The pregnant thing actually is true!!LOL

She say her baby will born by JUNE!!

Means still got 3 months to go!!

Now she already pregnant 6 months!!
I really can't believe it~

And the weird thing is~


She Just know by the 1st of March==~

SHIT dou~~
she say she didn't suffer any pregnant sickness~

Plus she also a bit big size d!!
She even thought she turn FATTER~!!==
And then she go diet as well~LOL

I asked didn't they avoid d??
She say no used also==~
I really not sure whether she regret or not~
But she does really make a example for us

Not to follow her footstep as well!!

I am thinking if we are make love sure we have to bare the consequences of getting pregnant d lor!!
The male side parents some more not that like her much also!!
But lucky she got a RICH dad!!
The road that she take although seem like very hard

But I know that she is a tough girl!!


I was anxious about touching her stomach as well!!
Too bad she say her baby move after she eat~
But ppl pregnant stomach and fat are totally different!!!

Pregnant stomach is FATLESS!!!!means no fat wan~~

It is very hard d!!!

And when you are fat~

Your stomach will be having FATS!!

And it was very loose wan and soft~~xDD

weird har what I explain!?

But this is the conclusion I can get after i touch her stomach!!XDD

Later we are able to take photo with her as well

Me and Blue snow help to clean up before we rest and bath^^
At first tonight we thought of overnight at her relatives house~

Whole house will be conquer by us~
But too bad~

She say got someone at there already~

We have no choice but to overnight at her house~

We got 4 person sleep on 2 single bed~

And we got only one blanket and 2 pillowT^T

We slept around 1am~

All of us didn't sleep well~


snow sleep beside our fren~

I bet she sure scare to move around because our fwen is pregnant d!!
She say very hot also d~hahaha..

I sleep beside Green Snow
We sleep a while den wake up~
Sleep den wake again!!
Somemore I sleep the most side~

Not enough blanklet and pillow for me T.T
Very cold and uncomfortable~

We wake up before 6 am i think~

tired and sleepy~
But have no choice~
After wash up~

We need to discuss what to do with the bridegroom before enter the house

We make a secret recipe for them

And some question heart from heart question

Everyone change to a preetyy dress later~

The ceremony all start by 10am

LIon dance is here~~
The bridegroom was in the house suddenly~
Everything I can say is very rush and LUAN!!LOLhaiz~~~
And I wonder whose the auntie that asking him to come in ==
We have no choice but stand outside the bedroom~LOL
We just a few games with the HENG DAI~~
At first everything went well~~
It was very fun to play the HENG DAI and the bridegroom as well~hahaha
But slowly when they have no patient and wanted to rush in~
Everything LOOK like HELL!!!
After we let them drink that AWESOME drink~
I have to drink one cup as well~~
Got 2 packet nescafe with ginseng extract,milo, dairy milk, soy sauce, 7-UP, lot's pepper~LOL(lao po har!!=='')
Actually we wanted to add EGG as well~==
After drinking that as well~
A bit of not well and FAN WEI sure got~
Quickly I need to find something to eat or drink to push down the VOMIT feeling~
My tupperware got that weird smell also~==+

Got some FREAKING 2 AUNTIE ask us to do that and do this~
SAY what~
JIE MEI oso need do together wan ma~
Come~Let's dance la~
After saying she PULL of one so that HARD!!
They are really that FAT and BIG size~
WE manage to pull back~
But One of my fwen being pull and dance with her!!DAMN!!!
Not over yet~
One that FREAKING auntie somemore QIANG WEN my LAOPO!!!!LOL
SO damn STUPID~~
wanted to kill her~++LOL
When we keep asking ANGPOW from her~
She like don't want give d~++
AT last we just got ourself rm10 ONLY!!!
I totally forget should get rm x99 something d !!!!!
I first time do JI MUI until like this!!!
The Heng DAI also~!!
After the FREAKING auntie play us JOR
She say SORRY is just a JOKE~==+
YA Wor~==L
Say next time you marry we play back our bridegroom d~

After that we got all totally MOODLESS!!!==
I sek my LAO PO back also~~
We keep our thing then we went to male house d lor~
AT there quite BORED d lo~~
My fren say where got JING CHA so long d~
We waited and waited
DARN IT~~~haiz

The ONE FREAKING AUNTIE summore quarrel
We also lazy to hear~
Later when I go in the room
I saw my Fwen crying~T^T
I bet she heard everything what they say just now~

LAter 2pm only we have our lunch
At the restaurant~==
I got gastric after eating also="=
And our table d guy EAT LESS d ler~
We girl need to eat lot d==
And many dishes left d~
We leave around 3something~
Back to her house~
Take our back pack all~

LAter when we finally finish pack
we thought can back home straight~
But the driver like go rest or bath d ba~
We change to a BMW when we on our journey back~

Quite fun because we actually chat a lot in the car~
And i only know that most of my fwen geh fwen are all just 20++ only~
We chat all the way back~
About that FREAKING auntie
About the SUDDENLY wedding thing
Green and Blue snow sleep a while in the car also~
feel quite nice when they both sleep on my shoulder holding my hand xDDD
Their hand will move a bit bit when they sleep XDD
I also got ask what age do we look like d??
They say we not look like 20~==
BUT like 16~LOL

They thought we are her SISTER fwen some more~LOL

At last!!
I miss you!!~~
miss sleeping day BLUE and GREEN snow d~xD

Our funny acting photo on the first night^^

The bride and the bridegroom

LOVE it!!!DARN it~

Vincy nice lovey photo^^

The Bride car~^^
We sit this BMW back home d lurr~~

The KIDSS~~cute ba~^6^

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